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Top 5 Cloud Platform where you get Machine Learning as a Service

Most of the App you use in day to day life are Machine Learning enable . It is really difficult to deploy and manage Machine Learning  applications in own environment . Specially Machine learning based Applications are quite resource consuming in term of hardware requirements . I found majority people works in AI based company to support the infrastructure behind such applications . To overcome this problem we  have a  good news . We have some cloud based solutions in the market where you can run and deploy your ML based application without any head ache of managing server and all  . Even you will get most of the preprepared code base .  The article Top 5 Cloud Platform where you get Machine Learning as a service is full of relevant information over this interesting topic .

Top 5 Cloud Platform for Machine Learning as a service-

Cloud Platform which provide ML as service offers hardware to run and your code with dependancies. I mean suppose you build some Intelligent App on the top of TensorFlow and some other python dependencies . You may directly run in these cloud based platform .These Platform are scalable as well . I mean , you have to pay according to your usages and when you need more bandwidth support . It also helps in that . Before starting I would like to inform you , Please do not take order as ranking . It is really difficult to give rank them because all 5 are best .

  1. AWS Machine Learning –

Amazon is really rocking . Back to Back Amazon is providing simpler technical solution for complex thing . Machine Learning is no more an exception . It is really easier to create Machine Learning model using Amazon Machine Learning . They provide very simpler API interface to train and predict over your data .The pricing model for AWS Machine Learning is also quite interesting . You only need to pay based on usages . Actually AWS provide other infra solution like S3 , Dynamo DB which make the the development quite easy .

Machine Learning as a Service in Aws

      2. Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio-

From the very beginning I have told it is not lesser than AWS ML services or any other else   . Just because I put it on second , it does not mean to say Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio has less features than  Amazing services for ML . I found its drag and drop feature most user  friendly than other Machine Learning as a service provider  . This drag and drop reduce the necessity of coding  expertise in data science .

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio


When it comes to cloud and AI , We should not under estimate Google . As Google already providing so many AI base solution to us .Google’s CLOUD MACHINE LEARNING ENGINE is an amazing Machine Learning as a service provider in the term of cost and performance . Most of the open source libraries in Data Science are provided and backed by Google itself like TensorFlow etc . You can leverage them in CLOUD MACHINE LEARNING ENGINE .

Cloud Machine Learning Google

      4. IBM Watson Machine Learning –

IBM Watson is one the most popular cloud solution provider among the corporate world . Specially I like  their text analytics and NLP solution most . Although its only my preference . I found very accurate and easy chatbot development using IBM watson .

Watson Machine Learning

      5 . BigML-

BigML is not a big name in cloud or platform as service provider but it really effective and specific to Machine Learning . I think you should invest some time to read their features and functionality  . It is cost effective and performance oriented too . It supports multiple cross functional data sources as well .


Conclusion –

We are living in a time where every next five year in technology is a new era . AI is capturing most of the knowledge base jobs . Now these Machine Learning as a service is again an initiative to boost this process .

Intent for writing this article to give you an overview of Machine Learning as a service and available options . I have tried to demonstrate them in very lesser words . That is why I did not mention pricing and  other details in this article . I will recommend  you to visit their website . It will help you to mine more effective information .  I hope you like this article . Incase you have some other suggestion on  Machine Learning as a service options for us . Please comment .

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