Best Book for Numpy and Pandas

Best Book for Numpy and Pandas

Hello guys, you must know that Numpy and pandas are very popular Python packages for doing data analysis and manipulation. Due to this, it allows you to develop a machine learning model,  deep learning model and many things that you want for data computation. There are many online video resources that give you an understanding of Numpy and Pandas, but no one can compare it with books. The creator of videos themselves read books before making videos. Thus why not directly jump to read the books only. In this entire post, you will know all the best books for Numpy and Pandas that will give you vast understanding.

What are Numpy and Pandas?

The beginner always asks me what things NumPy and Pandas do. I will explain here. Numpy allows you to create an array just like a python array. But in Numpy array the computational work is very fast and efficient. Thus you can fastly manipulate the array you have created.

Pandas allow manipulation of data and do the analysis on it quickly. It offers data structures and operations for manipulating numerical tables and time series.

Numpy create records and Pandas manipulate records.

Best Book for Numpy and Pandas

1. Python for Data Analysis: Data Wrangling with Pandas, NumPy, and Ipython

This book has been written by Wes McKinney, the creator of the Python pandas project. You will learn all the things required for making good datasets. You will know the practical approach to manipulate, process and learning the datasets. It covers the basic and advanced topics of the NumPy that require for the data analysis.

Rating 4.5/5

2.Numerical Python: Scientific Computing and Data Science Applications with Numpy, SciPy and Matplotlib

It is an excellent book on the numerical and scientifc calculation with well written and practical examples. You will learn the following  things.

  1. Working with vectors and matrices using NumPy
  2. Plot and visualize data with Matplotlib
  3. Perform data analysis tasks with Pandas and SciPy
  4. Review statistical modeling and machine learning with statsmodels and scikit-learn
  5. Optimize Python code using Numba and Cython

Rating : 4.3/5

3. Coffee Break NumPy: A Simple Road to Data Science Mastery That Fits Into Your Busy Life (Coffee Break Python)

From the title of the book, you can understand what the book teaches for the busy person. If you want to learn Numpy Side by Side doing the job then this book is the best. You will learn the following things.

  1. NumPy Arrays: creating, basic array arithmetic, one- and multi-dimensional
  2. Data Types: float, integer, mixed, access, conversion
  3. Shape and Reshape: manipulating, accessing, axis argument
  4. Broadcasting: element-wise operations
  5. Indexing and Advanced Indexing: filtering, Boolean indexing, list indexing
  6. Slicing: one-dimensional, multi-dimensional, NumPy-specifics

Rating: 5/5

4. Python for Data Analysis: A Complete Step By Step From Intermediate to Advanced Guide for Python Coding, NumPy, Pandas for Data Analysis.

If you have already some basics on the Numpy and want to learn from Intermediate to Advanced then this book is for you. You will all the things in a complete step by step. You will learn the following things.

  1. How to clean and organize our data for the analysis?
  2. Train and Test our Algorithms to make sure they are ready to work.
  3. How to present our data in an easy to understand and efficient manner that can ensure we make the right decisions for our needs.

You will love to read this book.

Rating: 4.4/5

These are the Best Book for Numpy and Pandas I found the Amazon website. Read it to enhance your skills on Numpy and Pandas to make you a Better Prediction Mode. If you have any recommendations then please contact us to add to the list.


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