5 Challenges That An IoT Development Company Faces Nowadays

X Challenges That An IoT Development Company Faces Nowadays
X Challenges That An IoT Development Company Faces Nowadays featured image

The Internet of Things has taken off. There are 31 billion IoT devices in the world, up from 7 billion devices connected to the Internet just three years ago! Any IoT software development company worth its salt knows how challenging the space can be, which is why it’s important to find an IoT development company that understands the challenges and stays flexible enough to meet them head-on. 

The Challenges Every IoT Software Development Company Faces

Every custom IoT development company will be familiar with these common challenges:

1. Lack of Knowledge in The Industry

IoT software development services are often hampered by technology and the learning curve that most developers have to face. There aren’t many mature business processes out there, and developers often don’t receive the right guidance when it comes to lifecycle maintenance and management, best practices, standards and other protocols. Finding the right experts can also be difficult because the industry is fairly new and growing faster than the developer base.

2. Security concerns

Internet of Things devices like printers, baby monitors, and televisions are vulnerable entry points into the network of a home or organization. So many new nodes are added to networks every day that there are numerous channels for malicious actors to infiltrate these overlooked weak spots. The big hack that crippled Twitter, Netflix and Paypal in 2016 was carried out by hijacking smart devices like CCTV cameras by malware and using them against the servers. Internet of Things Application Development Services have to include advanced cybersecurity measures to ensure that companies and individuals are protected against IoT hack attacks.

3. Concurrent Connectivity

Connecting millions of devices at the same time is a big challenge, especially as networks grow to join billions and hundreds of billions of devices. Any centralized brokered systems may turn into a significant bottleneck. This requires investment and maintenance of cloud services. If a cloud server goes down, entire systems can go down with it. Many IoT application development services are focused on decentralizing IoT networks to secure the future of IoT. This involves fog computing models, moving functionality to the edge, and taking charge of time-critical operations. Others are using peer-to-peer communications whereby devices can authenticate one another without a broker. Networks are created in meshes without a single point of failure.

4. Consumer Demands

In some ways the biggest challenges in IoT are caused by consumer demands (and regulators). Customer demands and needs change constantly. They use a plethora of different devices and expect that they should all be able to connect and interact with each other. There are new uses for devices cropping up every day, making it hard to keep up. Inventing and reintegrating new features and capabilities is a near-constant job. Bear in mind also that IoT technology is fairly new and most developments in the space are uncharted waters. Consumers’ awareness of data privacy and collection techniques are also at play as smart IoT devices can collect granular information about their users.

5. Regulatory Requirements

In some ways, the technology has grown faster than government regulation could catch up. This makes it difficult to plan and implement the necessary protocols and benchmarks that ensure IoT devices and applications are safe and secure. Quality control in IoT is also difficult when taking regulations into account. IoT devices and toys imported from all around the world have different standards of quality and security, which can leave systems vulnerable.


The IoT industry faces a number of challenges, as do software developers working in the space. If you want to enter the space you need to partner with an IoT software development company that is up for the challenge and can adjust to changes as they occur.

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