Data Science Jobs and Scope in India in 2023

Data Science Jobs and Scope in India

Data Science can be defined as a field of study of raw data to extract meaningful information for business and real-life use cases. It is more than just a technical tool to analyze datasets and perform statistical, and mathematical measurements and machine learning algorithms to understand the values hidden within the data. Data science jobs have been constantly increasing across the globe as rapid development has been observed in the field of AI, IoT, deep learning, and big data. Every second a whole lot of data is generated by users via social media and e-commerce platforms. This data plays a critical role in determining the behavior of the user. And accurate analysis of this data and using this analysis to determine the business decisions have dramatically impacted the business’s profitability.

Future Prospects of Data Science:

Data Science Jobs is one of the most promising and fast-growing areas for software professionals in India. Because of the vastly growing IT sector and population, a huge amount of data is being generated which drives the field of data science and innovation.

The reasons for the increase in demand for Data Scientists Jobs are:

  1. In the world of data, the biggest challenge faced by companies is their inability to handle extremely massive data. In such scenarios, data scientist helps the company to analyze and categorize the stored data. Proper and efficient handling of such data helps increase the productivity of the company. Because of a lack of security concerns, this world has already witnessed a lot of cyber crimes taking place. As a result, people are more aware and cautious before sharing any personal data with companies and data scientists. To ensure customer privacy and avoid legal conflicts, companies have to be careful while handling customers’ data.
  2. In the age of social media, user behavior, sentiment, and preferences analysis helps companies to develop the most effective marketing strategies and gain profits from them.
  3. The hottest technologies in the IT sector are constantly evolving. We can witness how companies’ reliance on Artificial Intelligence, and advanced topics like Deep Learning, and Neural Networks are constantly increasing. Currently, machine learning is implemented in almost every application.
  4. E-commerce companies are the most relevant industries demanding data analyst roles. Effective implementation of the data helps e-commerce organizations to predict and manipulate the behavior of the customers and make profits out of it.
  5. Post the 2008 crisis, the banking sector was the earliest adopter of IT services for enhancing security and quicker processing. Data Science is quite helpful in financial institutions to understand the transaction pattern of their customers. Data analysis of these transactions helps in the identification of fraudulent activities.
  6. Data Scientist Jobs in the healthcare sector has also seen a rapid rise due to the increased consumption of electronic wearables, clinical systems, and electronic medical records that continues to churn huge volume of data. Using these data, data scientists analyze the behavior pattern of the patient’s body which is helpful in deciding the appropriate medical treatment.
  7. In the transport sector, an unprecedented amount of data is generated. Most of the generated data contain the fare details, location, scheduling, and management system. Insights gathered from these analyses are helpful in planning transportation networks.
  8. The airline industry uses data scientists to determine the best flight paths and routes to reduce operational costs and increase profits. In the case of connecting flights, halts are determined by using data science algorithms to increase the company’s return on investment(ROI).
  9. Automobile industries are striving towards producing self-driving cars and this endeavor is not possible without ML and AI technology. Mega giants like Tesla, Motional, AutoX, etc… are heavily investing in data scientist jobs to create successful self-driving cars build using these technologies.
  10. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are also going through a lot of technical modifications as it has a close relationship with the data science field, particularly in the gaming sector. VR requires data analysis for building a realistic virtual setup that the user is going to enter.
  11. As cloud computing evolves, the capability to process data increases and data science will become more accessible and affordable to businesses of all sizes.

In the present scenario, where data is considered the oil for future IT firms because of the huge inflow of data being generated within the market, the demand for data scientist jobs and potential applications of data science is vast. Big Indian companies are investing heavily in the field of data science, to promote data-driven business practices. The Indian government is also supporting data science careers. Companies across the globe are looking for highly-skilled data scientists who can help them build massive infrastructure models to work on huge data-driven projects. As per Statista, the amount of data generated by internet users is expected to reach 180 zettabytes by 2025 and the number of internet users might reach 5.3 billion by 2023. And a total of 29 billion internet-connected devices might exist by 2030. As per recent reports data scientist jobs in India are expected to grow by approximately 45% annually. And as per report, the Indian data analytics market was valued at $2.03 billion in 2018 which is supposed to grow at a 30.08% compound annual growth rate(CAGR) from 2019 – 2024. Similarly, CRISIL and Nasscom reports predict the Indian data analytics market to grow to $25 billion at a 23.8% compound annual growth rate(CAGR) from 2019 – 2025.

Big companies like Amazon, Google, Meta, TCS, Flipkart, Airbnb, Capgemini, Ola, etc… are currently constantly looking for skilled data scientists to manage the massive data being generated by users on a regular basis. It is one of the most lucrative industries in India with an average income varying as per location, industry, experience level, and enterprise level.

Some of the specific salary figures for a data scientist in India as per the latest trends are: 1. As per Glassdoor research, the national average base pay for a data scientist is somewhere around Rs. 8,37,114 per year.

  1. As per PayScale, the average salary of the data scientist is approximately Rs. 7,78,845 per year.
  2. Indeed, the report says the average annual salary for a data scientist job is Rs. 10,09,264 per year. 4. While the Economic Times believes the average median pay for a data scientist job is around Rs.11,20,000 per year.

What is the Data Scientist’s Job?

The Data Scientist job is much more than just a technical job as they have to work in collaboration with business decision-makers to understand the business problem. Some of the primary responsibilities of the data scientist job are:

  1. One responsibility of the data scientist’s job is to collect a huge amount of data from the internet and via other channels.
  2. The next task is to filter out the irrelevant data and store only the data which is by the business constraints.
  3. Now comes the task of researching the data and framing the relevant questions to be answered to get a clear understanding of the customers’ requirements.
  4. Now the data scientist has to organize the data into a predictive model as per modeling, statistical and analytical requirements. Once the data is created, team members, leaders, and experts work together on solutions and strategies to gain insights about the trend patterns, algorithms, and modules.
  5. Now the team aligns its energy to present data using visualization tools, and explore innovative technologies and tools to build analytical solutions useful in building data engineering pipelines.
  6. Data scientists also have to work with the sales, analysts, and BI developers team to build scalable and cost-effective solutions.
  7. Another responsibility of the data scientist job is to remain updated with the latest tools, trends, technologies, and business problems to ensure the effectiveness of the system.
  8. Model Staleness is a common issue to be resolved in the data scientist job, writing new algorithms, collecting more data, and building new models and tools to work on newer problems and updating is critical work to be done as a data scientist.
  9. And presenting newer problems, solutions, pipeline architecture, knowledge, and strategies to enhance business prospects with the team to ensure effective data utilization.

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What to do to become a data scientist?

A few of the most demanding roles in the data science domain are business analyst, data scientist, data engineer, data administrator, and data architect. Becoming a successful data scientist requires a combination of technical skills, domain expertise, and business acumen. The most common procedure adopted to become eligible for a data scientist job is to academically follow a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics, statistics, computer science, IT, or data science. Despite having a professional degree in any of the above-mentioned fields, a data scientist job requires one to constantly acquire knowledge of new programming languages, databases, and multiple visualization tools. The most relevant skills required to become a successful data scientist are:

  1. Mathematics: Data scientist jobs require one to work with ML and deep learning, and gaining an advantage over other mathematics can be an ice-breaker. Similarly, statistics and probability are also of great importance.
  2. Programming Languages: Data Science is more than just coding in Python. Tools and languages like R, SQL, Oracle, JavaScript, Apache Spark, Hadoop, and SAS can be really helpful to give you an edge over others as with knowledge of these programming languages you would be able to accomplish long tasks with just a few lines of code.
  3. Visualization Tools: Tools like Power BI, Tableau, and some python libraries (matplotlib, seaborn, etc…) are the most commonly used for data visualization which can help ace the data scientist job interview. Visualization helps in enabling efficient and effective communication of complex data by presenting it in a clear and concise manner. It is pretty helpful in identifying trends and in outlier detection of the data being visualized.
  4. Machine Learning: ML is the crucial component of data science and having a clear understanding of ML algorithms like classification, regression, clustering, and decision trees is essential to build a successful career in this field. And on the other end, advanced ML topics include generative models, bayesian inference, the monte carlo method, variational inference, deep generative models, autoencoders, and more… ChatGPT is one of the best examples of the real-life use cases of data science and ML.

Once you acquire these skills, the next step to finding a data scientist job is to complete an internship. Internships and entry-level positions are a great way to learn real-life applications of these concepts learned so far. And along with that joining a data science community can be beneficial as it provides the opportunity to network with other professionals and stay updated with the latest technological trends.


Overall, the scope of data scientist jobs in India is immense. Over some time, the data scientist job market has become a highly competitive market with many companies looking for trained professionals with relevant skills and expertise. It is a multidisciplinary field requiring knowledge of statistics, mathematics, probability, domain knowledge, computer science, and business acumen. Many companies are offering lucrative salaries and perks to these professionals to add value to their businesses. Along with data, with time hardware components of the machinery are expected to improve resulting in better computation power and ultimately more precise outputs. As businesses are going to create more and more data over time, data scientist jobs are expected to grow continuously and data science will play an important role in shaping the future of these businesses and the whole society, making data scientist jobs a promising and rewarding career.

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