The Future of Driving : Exploring the World of Automatic Cars

The Future of Driving Exploring the World of Automatic Cars

Recently, there has been a significant shift in the automotive industry towards the development and production of automatic cars. Manual cars have been a norm for decades, but now, technological advancements have made automatic cars more efficient, convenient, and accessible.

Let us explore what the world of automatic cars has to offer us and what future implications we can look forward to. But first, a quick overview of what an automatic car is.

Today, many young drivers might be driving an automatic car, but would not know why it is automatic and how it differs from a manual car. In simple terms, an automatic car is a vehicle that changes the gears automatically. Manual cars, on the other hand, require a driver to shift gears using the clutch and gear stick. But automatic cars use a torque converter or dual-clutch system to change gears. This means that drivers can simply press the accelerator and brake pedals, and the car will automatically shift gears as needed.

Automatic cars have substituted manual cars and will continue to do so as technological advancements keep progressing. Based on this, the autonomous vehicle industry is flourishing, and is evolving as a powerful innovation in the automobile sector; it is expected to expand by leaps and bounds.

Self-Driving Vehicles:

As the name implies, self-driving vehicles are autonomous vehicles that use artificial intelligence(AI), sensors, cameras, and radar to read the road and drive on their own without human intervention.  Market forecasts indicate that the autonomous market is expected to grow from $5.6 billion in 2018 to $60 billion by 2030. As a result, it can be assumed that there will be more autonomous cars on roads in around 10 years.

The manufacturers embed internet in the cars by adding Wi-Fi; Audi was the first to manufacture cars with built-in Wi-Fi. However, the tethered vehicles can leverage fiber internet. It is yet to see what other internet connectivity options better fit the advanced automobiles.

You can track these cars with your smartphones through GPS, like today’s automated vehicles.  Google’s driverless car has a GPS aerial mounted on the rear, featured with gyroscopes, altimeters, and a tachometer to get the most precise position of the car. It means that you will get updates on your car from the comfort of your home. However, your home must also be geared with an internet connection to procure unhampered delivery of high-speed internet. High-speed internet is CenturyLink’s middle name which offers up to 940 Mbps internet speed. Also, the support staff is quick enough to assist you if contacted through CenturyLink phone number, which makes it unrivaled in the industry.

Well, it will be amazing to see how AI and the internet work in tandem with each other. Imagine AI making the required actions when stuck on the road if there’s a problem with the internet connection, etc.

All credit goes to the internet and AI, which have advanced all aspects of life, let alone transportation. The future lies in the amalgamation of these two powerful forces, which have amplified human efficiency. Therefore, it has become primly important to adapt to change and innovation before it is too late.

Autonomous vehicles offer a multitude of benefits, such as improved safety and accessibility, a decrease in commute time, and a significant reduction in carbon footage.

Types of Automatic Cars

Coming back to automatic cars, there are five main types which include:

  1. Automated Manual Transmission

Automated Manual Transmission vehicles are semi-automatic cars. A part of it is manual with a few upgrades in designs and functionality, where sensors and actuators perform the clutch work and shift gears. They are affordable cars and are best for anyone who needs fuel efficiency and less maintenance.

  1. Continuous Variable Transmission

Continuous Variable Transmission vehicles are vehicles without clutch or gear- therefore, they accelerate without interruption of gear shifts, providing a smooth drive.

  1. Dual Clutch Transmission

Dual Clutch Transmission is among the most advanced automatic cars, which constitutes two clutches for smooth gear shifts, and is controlled by the car computer.

  1. Torque Converters

The most popular type and the pioneer of automatic transmission technology, Torque converters work by using hydraulic fluid coupling or torque converter connected to the electronic control unit.

  1. Intelligent Manual Transmission

Intelligent Manual Transmission leverages E-clutch(electronic clutch) technology. It is geared with sensors and actuators that enable it to perceive gear change and clutch control automatically.

Top Automatic Cars in 2023

Let’s check out the high-rated automatic cars you can watch out for in 2023.

  1. BMW 3 Series

In the most recent incarnation, BMW 3 Series has undergone a lot of changes. It is comfortable, equipped, and provides a good drive.

  1. Porsche 911

Porche 911 is available with manual and automatic transmission technology. With excellent drivability, high-end interior and exterior, and excellent horsepower, it is one of the best automatic cars.

  1. Mercedes S-Class

The seventh generation Mercedez Benz S-Class is equipped with high-end technology, for example, it has a hyper-advanced 9-speed gearbox.

  1. Toyota Corolla

The latest generation of Toyota Corolla is impressive. It gets its power from a 139 horsepower and 1.8-liter engine four-cylinder engine that works with a continuously variable transmission.

  1. Jaguar F Pace

Available with automatic transmission, Jaguar F Pace has one Diesel engine and two petrol engines in the offering. It is an excellent automatic car with 19kmpl mileage, depending on the variant and fuel type.


Automatic cars are here to stay. As technology continues to advance and driving habits evolve, we can expect to see more and more automatic cars on our roads. Automatic cars have a lot of benefits to offer, such as improved safety, ease of driving, more accessibility, and greater fuel economy. Whether you are a driving enthusiast or simply looking for a convenient and safe way to get around, there is no denying that the world of automatic cars has a lot to offer.

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