How does Plagiarism Checker Tool Work

How does Plagiarism Checker Tool Work

In modern education, each and every majority and class have a task from time to time to write an article as homework. To check the quality of such assignments, professors do not only use their knowledge and experience to analyze your homework but also, run it through plagiarism checker tools. Lately, it became one of the requirements, to attach the plagiarism score in the paper along with the report itself. If not such a requirement, the professor would just do that themselves and accept it only with an acceptable score. The one which is okay right now among the institutions is three percent. This is a great tool for professors to make sure the piece is original and has not been published by someone else before. For students to master plagiarism, they need to understand how these tools work.

What is the technology of plagiarism checker tools? 

The Internet is a pretty useful and complicated thing nowadays. It runs through billions of data uploaded within a second and sometimes could work for our benefit. One of the tools empowered by the internet would be plagiarism checker tools. The principle of those would be comparing your article uploaded with entire data available on the Internet and giving you a result of the match. These are not just separate words, but phrases and whole sentences which are not original for you to check and change. You could try among a large variety on the market.

Even though they all have the same technology, some of them give better results. It does not mean to give you a higher score of plagiarism, but analyzing larger amounts of data, doing it faster and with better quality. The good tool could go through all websites existing on the internet, going through various articles, and through data uploaded in different formats. What a good plagiarism tool is and the one that would work for your benefit.

Additional features of plagiarism tools 

Plagiarism checkers are widely popular among students right now. The great thing is that they are not just checking the completed paper for plagiarism, it also has additional features to help you improve the writing. One of them is paraphraser. We sometimes find it difficult to express our thoughts and emotions in multiple ways, so such tools are helping with finding the best synonyms appropriate for a particular sentence. That helps a lot with enriching your grammar and making the writing more attractive. Additional features would be grammar checkers. Even fluent speakers make a lot of mistakes in their speech, especially in their writing. So, from time to time, it would be useful for the technology to highlight your mistakes to be improved. The best thing here is that the tools give you clear and actionable feedback. You could see right away the parts of the text which are detected as plagiarism, show you where you could it from, and sometimes, even suggest alternatives for you to change it.

Anything else plagiarism checkers could help students with? 

What are the additional features in modern plagiarism checkers? One of them would be a “co-writer” technology. I am sure you have been in situations when it is hard to find the words to tell what you are thinking about. So, we tend to get inspiration from other articles and writers, but we do not have to be blown away with the inspiration and still keep the origin and uniqueness of our own piece.

Another one would be a citation generator. It is a great trick to add a citation to your paper. The phrase used by an intelligent man now proving a point you are trying to make is a great maneuver. But this is a move that shall be used smartly. If you do not insert the citation, plagiarism will be detected and the assignment would not be accepted with a score being too high. For such occasions not to happen, the tool could help you improve the citation and for a professor to see the original article you completed.


To sum it up, plagiarism checkers are a great tool for both students and professors. As for students, they know already if their paper will be accepted before sending it. With an understanding of how these things work, students have a better chance of getting fine scores as a result. If we talk about professors, with such access to information, they have to have a rule like that to be sure that students get a proper education, it becomes so easy to copy something, that being original is something very unique. Exactly why plagiarism is the greatest enemy. And plagiarism checkers – best friends. It is okay to be inspired by someone and maybe even share the same ideas. But it is still crucial to express it in your own unique way, the way the story was never told before.

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