How to Cover Python essential for Data Science in 5 Days ?


People love python for data science . Obviously Python is wide variety for data structure and inbuilt low complexity algorithms . Not only these but there are so many factors which make python as Most popular data science language . Now today lets understand How to cover Python essential for Data Science in 5 Days ? Obviously you may only finish any language essentials if you have some other programming language experience  . All you need to learn the syntax . Otherwise who has never done any programming , He can not finish the basics in 5 days completely . So please make your expectation accordingly .

Python essential for Data Science in 5 Days –

Lets break the target topic to finish every day. Let’s create day wise plan . It will help you to cover the topic more strategically-

Day 1 on Python essentials –

You should finish –

  1. Variable and their type casting in Python  .
  2. Python operators.
  3. Conditional Statements in Pythons.

Day 2 on Python essentials-

In the second day, Please cover this topic –

  1. Python in built data structure
  2. loops and iterations over the inbuilt data structure .
  3. Functions for Python

Day 3 on Python essentials-

Please read the cover the below topics at third day –

  1. OOPs implementation in Python Language
  2. Python Lambda

Day 4 on Python essentials-

Your food for fourth day will be –

  1.  Exceptional handling in python
  2. Python modules

Day 5 on Python essentials-

At the fifth day, You need to finish-

  1. Regex in Python
  2. Date time in Python
  3. JSON in python

Note -Apart from these concept and plans , you should also consider the below tips-

  1. Practice output questions on the above topics .These will help in clearing more concept on this area . For the output set you may use GeeksforGeeks .
  2. It is good to go with best practices in python programming .We should never compromise with quality hence investing the time over this area will add lot of values .
  3. Learn IDE shortcuts .This will save your lot of time while development .See , There is am amazing facts that we only use only 20 percent core functionality of any software products . There may be lot of sub feature which can increase our working performance but we ignore them . There could be some shortcuts for code refactoring but we ignore them and we do that manually which becomes time consuming .

Source to read –

I know you may be thinking , What are the best resources to learn and finish python language essentials . Here is the list of few of them –


Conclusion –

The aim of this article is to cover the fast track learning path of python for those who are preparing for data scientist job . This is how I organized my learning contents and create the strategy . You may alter it on best of your convenience .  But you may not skip any of the topics and you should maintain the order as well .Now at least I will request you to write back your experience of this strategy . Please let us know if you have any recommendation on How to cover Python essential for Data Science in 5 Days ?


Data Science Learner Team 


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