Top 5 Mobile Apps for learning and Practicing Data Science

Top 5 Mobile Apps for learning and Practicing Data Science

Most of the time when we travel , we waste our time in Social Media . We do this because we think we have nothing to do while traveling . Some time we start random call etc . The good news is now if you are interested in Data science /AI /Machine Learning ,You can enjoy learning while you travel ,wait , etc using some Mobile Applications  . In this article “Top 5 Mobile Apps for learning and Practicing Data Science”   I will mention my research finding on  best app to learn data science . Get the list here –

Mobile Apps for learning and Practicing Data Science-

Data Science is combination of mathematics +programming +logics . Each of it has its own importance Right ? So I will mention the Mobile Apps for learning and Practicing Data Science categorically . Let me tell you I found people focusing only on mathematics and programming . They ignore logics .This usually becomes their biggest mistake in their analytics career . This is because they never think these logics and creativity give them the tag of data scientist . scientist word is just given to them because of this . Otherwise most the things are quite common to a programmer although they also work on logics . But their logics of mostly limited to algorithms and data structures . In the opposite side , Data science projects are starts with logics and ends as well on logics  .Mathematics and programming are the tools to implement them .


    1. QPython (best app for data science Python )

Python is most prefer language for data scientist . This mobile application will help you to run python on your mobile. Now you can imagine how exciting it is ! Most of the time when you are involved in piece coding . It can be quite helpful . I will suggest if you are beginner and want to make your hands dirty on python . You may download it and check various syntax any time and any where .

Mobile Apps for learning and Practicing Data Science

  2.Basic Statistics -(best app to learn statistics)

Statistics is the base for data science . We forget most of the equations and concept if we are not using them for a longer run . Some time it happens that we give most of our time programming and technical stuffs . Most of the basic statistics task are done by libraries . This usually creates the problem when you need to develop anything from the scratch where basic statistics is needed . In order to remember those concept this Basics Statistics app is very very useful.

 Basic Statistics Mobile app

3 .Probability Distributions-

This is quite similar as Basic statistics app in the term of use case . Probability is a foundation pillar for data science . This app is very useful to plot and visualize various probability distribution on mobile .

probability distribution

4 .Elevate (data science mobile app) –

Specially design to improve intellectual capacity . You will get three exercises per day . On the basis of your performance in these exercises , It will assign you new exercises next day . The App analyze the performance into different sections .Usually the next day exercises are decided and sent on weaker areas .Rather than speaking much about this app ,I will suggest you to download and run this app on your local .


5. Others –

I have created this special category because it is really difficult to choose 5th out of all these options . So in this category I will mention  few more mobile applications for you .

5.1 )Logic ability –

I think you should try the following app also in order to make strong logical ability  – Lumosity , Neuronation ,Math Workout etc.

5.2 )Programming –

R is also an essential programming language with python in data science .Hence you should try these two app as well for learning Learn Python ,R Programming  .


These websites are for learning tutorials on data science .Udemy , Udacity are unmatchable . You may learn anytime any where .


I hope this article will help you in finding right app for you . I will be happy if any of the above app will replace your existing time killing app. See these small changes creates great difference . As always I will request you to send your feed back on –“Top 5 Mobile Apps for learning and Practicing Data Science” . These apps reminds me of my learning goal . When I open my mobile for any task I see them .Quickly I start practicing without making any delay of opening pc etc.

Data Science Learner Team

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