Why You Should Use React.js For Web Development?

Why You Should Use React.js For Web Development_

 Web development is now one of the most promising careers. With the massive transformation from the conventional way of working to the digitally driven ecosystem, more and more organizations and individuals are finding web platforms a more convenient, efficient, and quick way of doing business. 


Whether it is large, medium, or micro-level industries, all are interested in increasing their online presence. According to Statista, 32% of small companies have launched their own mobile application and 42% are planning to build their app. All these statistics point in the same direction, the growth opportunities in the field of web and mobile application development is enormous.


One of the essential elements for efficient front-end web development is the right selection of framework for the project. And the uncountable options available in the market increases the confusion. But the most popular and promising front-end web development tool to build high-performing responsive web apps is React.js. Let us see some of the statistics to understand its popularity.


  • With more than 40.14% usage, React.js is the second most used web development framework globally.
  • React.js has a huge fan base in the world with 69.28% of developers who prefer to work on this framework.
  • The number of websites using React.js libraries is more than 7.4 million


But what are the reasons behind such a huge popularity of this framework? Why are businesses looking to hire React.js developers? And why should you choose this over the other available web development tools? 


This article will walk you through the exact points to give you a clear view and answer all the questions asked above. Stay till the end.


A brief intro to React.js

Before we jump to find out the causes behind the high demand for React.js, it is vital to get a brief about this framework.


React.js is an open-source front-end JavaScript library that helps developers to create an efficient, responsive, and advanced web application. Back in 2011, social media giant Facebook (now known as META) developed this framework to create user interfaces for websites and applications. Earlier it was developed for internal usage only and later in 2013, Facebook declared it for open usage. Jordan Walke, the creator of this framework, described it as an efficient, declarative, and responsive web development tool which provides immense options to create simple, fast, and scalable web applications.


Due to its amazing features and other advantages, many tech giants are using this framework to manage their websites and applications. A solid clientele pool of companies like Apple, Netflix, Alibaba, CNN, Udemy, Zoho showcases the reliability, feasibility, and benefits of React.js in the field of web and mobile application development.


Why select React.js for web development – Top 8 reasons


1.Easy to use: React.js is very famous in the developer community, even for the newbies, due to its ease of operation. You do not need to be an expert, just basic knowledge and you are all set to start. Additionally, its learning curve is comparatively smooth and a development idea is easy through this technology with a single command. Which means you can do further development at an ease just by incorporating a single command in the system. With the continuous usage, you will learn all the nitty-gritty of this framework and can develop a more advanced and tailored web application.


2. Strong community base: Due to its massive reach and popularity, React.js has a great community base. This not only helps the developers to get the required support but also allows discussions inside the community for better usage. This community also shares blogs and articles which are useful to the members. 


Moreover, being a brainchild of Meta (Formerly Facebook), it is highly committed to this framework and supports creating a strong community base. It is used in the web environment of Facebook and Instagram. Statistically, React.js has over 164K stars on the Github repository, and it’s one of the top five repositories.


3. High performance with Virtual DOM: The unique design structure of React.js is made to provide high performance. Though the virtual DOM program and server-side rendering are a little bit complex, it offers the framework a high-end performance. Additionally, in the case of React.js, there is no need to load the entire HTML structure in case you want to make any changes to the property of the individual element. The virtual DOM structure remains loaded continuously. This means you can interact with the web app even when it is updating.


4. Availability of Reusable components: Another great benefit of React.js is its reusable components. The main characteristic of these components is that you need to create these items once and can use these repeatedly in your other projects. Undoubtedly, this facility offers a lot of timesaving to the developers and supports them to complete the development process fast. Another intangible benefit is these ready-made options cut down the redundancy and tiresome work of crafting the same thing again and again.


5. It’s SEO friendly: For any web development tool, it is very important to be SEO- friendly in nature. After all, the ultimate aim of any website or application is to rank well in the search results and be responsive. React.js provides great benefits in this segment. Thanks to its quick rendering, this framework has less webpage loading time compared to its rivals and this significantly supports the website to achieve a high ranking in the search engines.


6. Faster update and iteration: From a business perspective, it gives huge flexibility if your web or mobile application provides you the opportunity to do necessary alterations and updates without much hassle. React.js is a great choice in this parameter. This framework allows you to update the software on different platforms at a single go, thus saving a lot of time and resources. This feature is most advantageous for gaming websites and applications.


7. Provides unique Abstraction Layer: Along with several features like user-friendliness, high responsiveness, websites need to be highly secured to avoid any type of security breach. Due to the high exposure to advanced technologies, the present web world is more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. 


React.js has a lesser-known feature related to the security aspect. Due to its unique abstraction layer, end-users cannot break into the core complex components of the website. To ensure the safety and security of the website, it is always recommended that only the developers and core functional teams can access the internal functionalities. 


8. React.js is flexible: With a smooth learning curve, React.js is highly flexible when you get used to this frontend technology. It can be used in different platforms and you can build efficient mobile applications, develop a static site, desktop apps, which are supported on mac and windows. Even React.js can be incorporated into your existing web application without any complexity. Keeping the advanced technologies in mind, React.js is great to develop AR websites, AI-enabled facilities, and 360-degree experience also.


Final thoughts:

React.js has a number of excellent features which help it to stand tall against its competitors. Its high performance, flexibility, security options, SEO-friendly nature, and all are highly appreciated in the developer’s community. Moreover, with the fast evolution of information technology, this framework is also developing itself to cope with the new requirements. The easy learning curve is providing ample opportunities to the newbies to do experiments and learn while delivering the task. Looking into all the aspects, we can definitely conclude that the future of React.js is very stable and bright.


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