Target Topics for Data Science Interview : High Level Conversation

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Hello friends ! Are you looking for the most important topics for Data Science Interview ? Probably most of us encounter this question if we are into data science right ? So this article will brief you on –Target Topics for Data Science Interview : High Level Conversation. Get data science learning

strategic planing here.  I am really excited to share Data Science Learner Teams views on this .

Topics for Data Science Interview-

There are so many topics, I will categories them to make our life easier. I will only cover the python data science path in this article –

Data Science Interview Topics in Python –

Applicant must know basic python. Even if you know the procedural approach , its cool . Knowing OOPs and multithreading is always plus for you .

Data Science Interview Topics in  Database –

Basic SQL queries especially fetch commands is really essential. Here in this section knowledge of NO SQL database also required. Actually, data science also covers unstructured data in practice. See! If I put my self at your place, I will cover –

1.Basic SQL (Join, group By, etc )

2. Basic NoSQL operation on at least one NoSQL Database ( ex-Mongo DB etc).

3. At least I know the popular names of SQL and NoSQL Database servers with their Advantages and Non-advantages.

Data Science Interview Topics in Machine Learning  –

In machine Learning, I will suggest to cover the basics of Regression, Classification, clustering, etc . See! once you read the basics, I will suggest you cover few of algorithms is depth first. Tree base machine learning algorithms is one the most important topic. Apart from this start preparing deep learning concepts like ANN, CNN, RNN, gradient boosting, loss function, activation function, etc .

Once it comes for implementation of deep learning part keras is most simple. In starting at least finish that first.

Prepare few projects in Data Science  –

Because in the interview people first ask your projects.  Here if you are able to explain three things, You are 60 % in –

  1. What was the business problem and how your project solved that?
  2. What were your roles and responsibility there?
  3. General Technical question on that data science project .

Hence is key for you to impress others while interview . Of course its your project hence its your area . Here you may the chance to change the direction of interview in your direction. Well the only thing matters here is your way of presentation .

Conclusion –

An interview is quite requirement oriented . Suppose you are master in classification algorithms but company is regression oriented . I mean the product / project for which the recruitment is going on is more on doing regression . In that case , The ideal interviewer should see the the depth of understanding in which area where you have worked.But in some cases it does bot happen . Interviewer ask only specific things . As per my experience when I take the interview , I never assume the candidate must good in every thing . I assume if he can do well in one area , he will do the others as well . The only prerequisites is solid basics .

Thanks and all the best!

Data Science Learner Team 

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