Top 3 Free Cloud GPU Server : Must Read

Free Cloud GPU Server

Are you looking for a free Cloud GPU Server? Your search will end here. Today I will assist you with the free Cloud GPU Server. Well usually for general programming i5 and i7 are more than enough. But in Data Science your small code may take unexpected time to run. See! Data Science and AI stuff are on those frameworks that are parallel in processing nature. They actually require more machine cycles to finish the process. Especially in Deep Learning, you need GPUs. GPU stands for the Graphical Processing Unit. Earlier We use GPU for high-resolution graphics rendering like gaming etc. You will see most of the gaming laptops having a high-end GPU. Although Google has announced the TPUs device for Deep Learning Framework.

Free Cloud GPU Server –

1. Digital Ocean- 

Digital Ocean cloud server

The first free cloud server is the Digital Ocean. After signing up you will get 100$ credits for any server you want. You can use this credit for the cloud GPU Server. You can also use this credit for the deployment or hosting of any web applications you want.  Its dashboard looks good. And customer support is the best.

2. Colab- 

Free Cloud GPU Server - Colaboratory
Free Cloud GPU Server – Colab

This is an online Jupyter for Machine Learning and Deep Learning stuff. It’s a Google initiative. It’s a Google Initiative for learning and sharing. You may use google drive to store your codebase. Apart from it, you may share it with your friends, developers, etc. It is basically for research purposes. I think you should give it a try. You may usually install other external APIs. FYI most of the machine learning APIs are pre-configured in this Colab. You will also get the utility to use TPU and GPU in this as well.

3. Kaggle Kernels –

Until and unless you have a big requirement for data. You may use the Kaggle kernel. This will provide you with 2 core GPU with 16 GB ram for training etc.  Apart from it, You will also get basic level computation power CPU as well . in the same way for general processing, you will get 4 core and around 16 GB RAM. This configuration is enough for basic level computation. In a similar fashion like the Colab notebook it also has many pre-configured machine learning APIs.

Free Cloud GPU Server - kaggle kernal.
Free Cloud GPU Server – Kaggle kernel.

. Others free Cloud GPU Server –

As always it is not suitable to put a single name here. Hence I am creating a bucket of these possible names here. Basically, they provide limited usage free sort of stuff. Still, it is useful for you in the condition if you want to explore them first before you pay.  The idea is we will at least introduce them. You may explore them if you want. Well, lets go through them.

3.1 – Amazon SageMaker

GPU Server - Amazon Sage Maker
GPU Server – Amazon Sage Maker

3.2 –Jupyter Notebook on GCP

GPU Server - Jupyter Notebook on GCP
GPU Server – Jupyter Notebook on GCP


3.3 Gradient –

This is although paid, But one of its editions is not chargeable. This is completely free. Especially It is most suitable for a very small team or beginners in learning.


Conclusion –

Well! It’s time for our reader’s feedback. Please tell us, how did you find this article – Top 3 free Cloud GPU Server: Must Read. I have decided to document my finding when I was searching for a free GPU for my personal usage. Sometimes it happens you have a laptop with good working conditions but it is not capable of Machine Learning training. I think if you are on the same side, This article is going to help you a lot. In fact, It could be a great money saver for you.


Data Science Learner Team 

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