How to Install numpy in Visual Studio Code : 5 Steps Only

How to Install numpy in Visual Studio Code

Numpy is a Python library that allows you to do mathematical calculations very easily. It has many functions that allow you to perform these calculations. Many data science learner readers have asked that they are unable to install numpy in visual studio code. In this tutorial, you will know how to install numpy in visual studio code through the steps.

Steps to install numpy in Visual Studio Code

In this section, you will know all the steps that you will follow for better understanding.

Step 1: Open your visual studio code and go to the extension tab. You will find it on the left side of the window.

VSC extension tab
VSC extension tab

Step 2: Go to the search bar and type Python. There you will see the Python by Mircosoft.

Step 3: Click on the install button to install. It will be a blue in color.

Python extension by Microsoft
Python extension by Microsoft

Step 4: After the installation of Python. Go to the terminal and click on the new terminal.

Visual Studio code terminal
Visual Studio code terminal

Step 5: Type the following command on it to install the numpy.

pip install numpy
Installing numpy using pip command
Installing numpy using pip command

In my system, the numpy is already installed that’s why I am getting the message requirement already satisfied. In your case, it will start downloading numpy and install it.

That’s all you have to do to install the numpy module in Visual Studio code.

How to check the version of the Numpy in visual Studio code

After installing the module you can check whether the Numpy is installed or not. It’s a must check as you can get the ModuleNotFoundError: no module named numpy even after installing it. Go to your and use the following lines of code to check the version of the numpy.

import numpy as np
Checking numpy version in vsc
Checking numpy version in vsc

You can also check the version of Python using the terminal of the Visual Studio Code. Go to the terminal and type the following command to know the version of the python.

If python 3 has been installed then use the python3 command otherwise just python.

For Python 3. xx

python3 --version

For Python 2.xx

python --version

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These are the steps to install the NumPy module on Microsoft VS Code. I hope you have liked this tutorial. If you are unable to install it and have another query then you can contact us for more help.

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