OpenCV – Learn with Examples

OpenCV also knows as open-source computer vision. It is a computer vision and machine learning library. It has a range of functions and algorithms that allows you to perform various tasks related to image and video processing, including object detection, recognition, tracking, and manipulation.

On this page, you will learn OpenCV using various examples.

Install OpenCV

How to Install OpenCV using pip : 3 Methods

OpenCV Basics

Opencv Data Types and Structures Tutorial: Create Various Images

Brightness_range Keras : Data Augmentation with ImageDataGenerator

Implement OpenCV Function

cv2 imread method implementation in Python ( Size, Shape, Type, Length )

How to Use cv2 imwrite in python : Rename, Convert ,Change File Type

How to use cv2.imshow in python : Know it with Examples

How to Resize an Image using cv2.resize() method: 3 Steps Only

cv2 Gaussianblur : Blur an Image in Python using OpenCV

cv2 waitkey in Python Example : Display an Image for Specific Time

OpenCV edge detection using cv2 Canny method : Only 4 Steps

cv2 threshold method implementation in Python : In 3 Steps Only

cv2 rectangle implementation in Python: Only 4 Steps

cv2 cvtColor Python Example with Steps

cv2 putText method Implementation in Python with Steps

OpenCV cv2 circle method Implementation with steps

cv2 filter2D Method Implementation in Python

cv2 normalize Method Implementation in Python

cv2 imdecode method Implementation in Python : With Steps

cv2 erode method Implementation in Python with Steps

Flip an Image in Python using cv2 flip method with Examples

cv2 addweighted Implementation: Example with Steps

OpenCV Real Life Examples

Face Detection and Recognition Using OpenCV: Python Hog Tutorial

Image Recognition Using Keras : Build from Pre-Trained Models

How to Convert Image to Grayscale in Python : 3 Methods

How to Crop an image in python using OpenCV : 5 Steps Only

How to Convert Image to Numpy Array in Python : Various Methods

Book Review

Szeliski Computer Vision Book : A Quick Book Review

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