How to increase Memory for Pycharm : 3 quick Steps only

How to increase Memory for Pycharm

Are you looking for How to increase the Memory for Pycharm? Here are a few steps. Let’s go through them.  But before that close the Pycharm IDE / Application and restart after these steps.

How to increase Memory for Pycharm (Windows)-

Step 1 –

Go to the location on the disk where Pycharm is installed. For Windows user here is the default location.

 How to increase Memory for Pycharm Location
How to increase Memory for Pycharm Location

Step 2-

Go to bin directory and open file pycharm64.exe.vmoptions .

This file contains the configuration related to memory area like heap size limit etc. By defaults, it looks like –


Steps 3 –

Change the value for -Xmx750m  by -Xmx1024m or -Xmx2048m or as per your requirement. Now you may restart the Pycharm. That’s all for givin pycharm more memory.

Another way for pycharm increase memory –

You may do it internally from IDE Pycharm itself. All you need to Go Help ->Find Action ->Edit Custom VM option. It will open the same file as you see in step 3 above. Change the values here and restart the Pycharm. It will work completely as previous way with simplicity.

 Pycharm memory
Pycharm memory

How it Impact (pycharm maximum heap size) ?

Actually Pycharm’s source code is in java. It will increase the memory size for the heap of JVM ( max limit ). This will enhance the memory limit for Pycharm. We overall increasing the memory limit to its pycharm maximum heap size  2048 megabytes. This is how we can set the pycharm memory limit settings. This will certainly enhance the performance for IDE.

Conclusion –

If you any doubt or concern related to this topic how pycharm allocate more memory ? Please comment below in the comment box. Our Team will approach you and try to solve all your queries. We always encourage  you to read  the complete article. The next step towards setting up the environment is changing python version in pycharm.


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