Parquet vs JSON : Which file format is good for you ?

Parquet vs JSON Which file format is good for you

parquet vs JSON , The JSON stores key-value format. In the opposite side, Parquet file format stores column data. So basically when we need to store any configuration we use JSON file format. While parquet file format is useful when we store the data in tabular format. Especially when the data is very large. Well, In this article we will explore these differences with real scenario examples.

Parquet vs JSON : ( Difference with practical example )-

Suppose if we are developing a python script or any program where we need to dynamically select something and accordingly setting changes. Here hardcoding logic and setting will make the program less flexible. In such scenarios, we can use JSON file to store these configurations. This will make your code the same with different business scenarios.

Now we will discuss the practical use of parquet file. Suppose if we have large column data when I say large column data where row number is greater than 1000000. Typically you can not have that in one CSV , Here we use parquet file inorder to load and perform the query operation.

Also if you have some data which you can load into CSV files but that is large enough. If you are storing into files system. You will face slow query processing. In the opposite side if you use parquet file system your query processing will be faster.

Interesting Reading – JSON to Parquet –

Please go through this article for learning the procedure to convert JSON file to parquet file format.

JSON to parquet : How to perform in Python with example ?

I hope you must be able to differentiate these two file format system and their usability. In case you are still looking for more details. Please let us know, You may comment below or write back to us via email, etc. Also if you want to enjoy similar python and data science articles, Please subscribe us.

Additional File formats –

There are several other file format to store big size file like hive or gzip etc. But mostly if need ATOM property in data , please prefer a database ( SQL or NoSQL ).


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