ValueError Python Exception

ValueError Python Exception occurs while assigning incorrect or non compatible type of object into some object. To make it simple suppose you want to unpack any sequence of length of size three but the placeholder that we are keeping only two to hold then value then the interpreter will throw ValueErrors in Python.

Standard Ways to Fix Value Errors :

The first thing we can use :

  1. Try-Except Block Implementation :

In many scenario where we are allowing multiple use inputs and if even one of the configuration or user input is invalid then we may  encounter  these type of ValueErrors. The First thing as a coder we can do is to have a prevention mechanism. Here we put the Vulnerable code into try block and except block should contains the part which should flow in failure condition.

2. Use correct parameter and objects :

This is very subjective because every different type of Valueerror has some set of root causes . In this method, we need to first understand the root cause for the error. We can create object compatibility on this basis only.  There is no more shortcut for this type of solution but this the best way to fix Python ValueError.


Various ValueError Python Exception –

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3.Valueerror: cannot reindex from a duplicate axis ( Solved )

4.valueerror: can only compare identically-labeled dataframe objects

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6.ValueError : I/O operation on closed file ( Solved )

7.ValueError: zero-dimensional arrays cannot be concatenated ( Solved )

8.ValueError : Operands could not be broadcast together with shapes (Solved)

9.valueerror: cannot convert float nan to integer ( Solved )

10.Valueerror: x and y must be the same size ( Solved )

11.Valueerror: Setting an Array Element with a Sequence ( Solved )

12.Dataframe constructor not properly called error ( Solved)



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