Attributeerror: api object has no attribute search ( Fix It)

Attributeerror_ api object has no attribute search

Attributeerror: api object has no attribute search error occurs because of the incompatibility of syntax with the current version(V4.x) of tweeps. Actually, the search attribute was there in tweepy older version. Now the developer community deprecated the syntax and replace it with the search_tweets attribute. Anyways! In this article, We will explore multiple ways to fix this error with syntax.

attributeerror: api object has no attribute search ( Solution ) –

The root cause for this error is we are considering the reference of the codebase of tweepy older version. But we have installed the latest version ( v4.0.0) in our system/server. Now you can easily understand that there are two ways to fix this error. Either we change the syntax in our codebase and make it compatible with the installed version. Or the other way is to downgrade the existing version of tweeps and make it compatible with the existing version installed.

attributeerror api object has no attribute search
attributeerror api object has no attribute search

Solution 1 : ( replacing search by search_tweets Attribute ) –

Here is the existing version which is incorrect-

incorrect –

for tweets in"Data Science", lang="en"):

Correct version –

for tweets in api.search_tweets(q="Data Science", lang="en"):

Solution 2 ( Downgrade tweepy version to  Version 3.10.0 or lower ) –

If the current version for tweepy is 4.x or similar then we have to face an error message. All we need to downgrade the version of tweepy to 3.10.0 or lower because the search attribute was supported in these releases. We can use the pip package manager to downgrade tweepy. Here is the command-

pip install tweepy==3.10.0

tweepy pip
tweepy pip

Tweepy is a framework that provide the functionality to deal with twitter’s content. It provides a seamless auth process, which makes it too compatible and flexible in any kind of application. I hope this article has provided enough base to fix API object has no attribute search error. Still, if you have any concerns related to tweepy search_tweets() , Please connect back to us.


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