Attributeerror: module asyncio has no attribute run ( Solved )

Attributeerror_ module asyncio has no attribute run

Attributeerror: module asyncio has no attribute run error occurs because the lower versions of Python Interpreter ( less than 3.7 ) do not contain or define function. If the code we are running contains function as a part of syntax then if we run in a lower version of the python environment.

We mostly get this error while migrating the code across the environment. Suppose a developer developed some code in his local environment where he or she has Python 3.9 installed and now we the same code to production which is an old system (Python 3.4 series ) . Now if we directly do the same bypassing the testing properly for sure we will get this error. Anyway, let’s see how we can fix this error.


Attributeerror: module asyncio has no attribute run ( Solution ) –


There are two broad solutions for this type of error. The first is fixing the environment on the basis of code and the second is fixing the code on the basis of the environment.


Solution 1: Upgrading Python Version ( greater than 3.6 ) –

This is the easiest way to fix this error but it has some complications for example

  1. you are doing it to support some new functionality or syntax but in your code, maybe at some place you are using some older syntax that is now absconded or deprecated. This will create another error in your deployment. So be very careful while doing so.
  2. Suppose you are running multiple scripts in the same Python environment but you scanned this particle piece of code and found, that there is nothing that is absconded or deprecated in your code and we are good to go for an upgrade. But later on, another service failed because of version incompatibility

Now the question arises of how to upgrade the Python version. So you can simply :

1.1 For Window Python Upgrade :

To install the newer Python version by uninstalling the lower version, we can simply download the latest or newer version from Python official website and reinstall the same.

1.2 For Linux  Python Upgrade :

Use the below command.

sudo apt update
sudo apt install python3.7


Solution 2: Virtual Environment creation with Python Version ( greater than 3.6 ) –

This is a specific solution for complications mentioned in Solution 1. If you can’t update the global Python interpreter version then create a virtual Python environment with the below command and run the code here.

python3.7 -m venv "my_env_name"

Here version you can alter as per your requirement.

Solution 3 : Using  get_event_loop() function –

In some cases, we can not upgrade our Python Interpreter Version and we are stuck with errors. In this type of scenario, we can use some alternative syntax. We can use get_event_loop() function to achieve the same functionality. Let me add a full example of this.

import asyncio
async def main():
if __name__ == "__main__":
    holder= asyncio.get_event_loop()
Attributeerror module asyncio has no attribute run
Attributeerror module asyncio has no attribute run

Solution 4: Upgrading the asyncio module-

This is limited to version 3.3 of Python because onward version ( 3.4 later ), this asyncio module starts coming with the official release. So no external installation is required. Now let’s see how can we install or upgrade asyncio module quickly.

pip install asyncio

For more details on AttributeError, Read the below article.

AttributeError Python Exception


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