Attributeerror: module collections has no attribute mutablemapping

Attributeerror module collections has no attribute mutablemapping

Attributeerror: module collections has no attribute mutablemapping error is because of internal code changes in the 3.10 version. If you are using any syntax related to the collections module which is compatible with the 3.9 version over the python 3.10-based python environment, you will get this error. In this article, we will explore the best ways to fix module collections has no attribute mutablemapping error.

What is a Collections Module?

Python provides standard data structures like lists, sets, dictionaries, and tuples. But this module provides you data structure beyond the generally used data structure. It is a part of the python standard library. There are many classes for the collections module and below are the most used classes.

Counter: It is a subclass of the dict for counting hasbale objects.

defaultdict: If any key has mot value then it will provide the default value to the key. It is also a subclass of dict object.


Attributeerror: module collections has no attribute mutablemapping ( Solution ) –

There are multiple approaches to fixing these issues. In this section, we will address them one by one.

Solution 1: Downgrading the Python version to 3.9 version or less –

Since this error is specific to the Python 3.10 version. Hence we will downgrade our Python version to 3.9 or any compatible lower version. All you need to install the lower version successfully. It will replace the older Python version. It means you do not have to explicitly uninstall the current Python version.

python release 3.9 version
python release 3.9 version

Solution 2: Changing the import statement –

Actually, since the internal structure is changed in the 3.10 version so have to use two different ways for importing this mutablemapping module. Here is the syntax difference-

For version 3.10 or above –

from import MutableMapping

For version 3.9 or lower –

from collections import MutableMapping

If you want this environment completely dynamic then call the below code.

import collections 
if sys.version_info.major == 3 and sys.version_info.minor >= 10

    from import MutableMapping
    from collections import MutableMapping

The above code will check the current Python major and minor versions. On the basis of the available configuration, it will flow with the correct syntax. This is a standard way to make code version independent.

module collections has no attribute mutablemapping
module collections has no attribute mutablemapping

`Solution 3: Upgrading related package –

In some scenarios, upgrading the below setup packages along with the requests module, etc has resolved this error. Hence if the above two have not resolved the error completely then firstly we should try this set of commands. After this, we should again try solution 2.

pip install --upgrade pip
pip install --upgrade wheel
pip install --upgrade setuptools
pip install --upgrade requests

Hope now you are able to fix the error collection that has no attribute mutablemapping. In case of any queries please comment below.

Similar Error or extension ( Bonus Tip to fix)  –

There are so many similar errors or we can say extensions of the same error. In which we add specific areas with this error message like cbpro,  crackmapexec or platform specifications like ( windows). Here the solution would be the same. Because the above is a generic solution for the root cause. So please do not get confused with a such prefix of suffix in the same error message.

Mostly any attributeerror occurs if the underline attribute is deprecated in any release or its internal structure is changed in some release. Hence we need to change our codebase syntax especially importing part ( Incase of internal codebase change). If we try to think in that line, most of the attribute errors would be easy to fix for us since the root cause is the same for all of them.



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