AttributeError: module ‘pandas’ has no attribute ‘panel’ ( Solved )

AttributeError_ module 'pandas' has no attribute 'panel' ( Solved )

Pandas is a python package that allows you to create dataframe and manipulate it using various functions. But sometime you may get errors like AttributeError. If you are getting the error module ‘pandas’ has no attribute ‘panel’ then this post is for you. In this tutorial, you will learn how to solve the issue of this attributeError in different methods.

What is Panel in Pandas?

The Panel is a function that allows you to represent the data in three-dimensional arrays. It has data, index, and columns. It allows you to create multi-index data and using it you can retrieve information from the dataset easily.

Why the AttributeError : module ‘pandas’ has no attribute ‘panel’ Occurs

The root cause for getting this module ‘pandas’ has no attribute ‘panel’ is that the Panel() function is not supported by the current Pandas library. This function is no longer supported by the pandas’ version greater than 0.25.0  version.

The other reason can be that the pandas package must be corrupted. So you have reinstall the pandas module.

You will get the following error when you try to use the pd.panel() function.

data = {'col1' : pd.DataFrame(np.random.randn(3, 3)), 'col2' : pd.DataFrame(np.random.randn(3, 3))}
panel = pd.Panel(data)


AttributeError module 'pandas' has no attribute 'Panel'
AttributeError module ‘pandas’ has no attribute ‘Panel’

Solution of module ‘pandas’ has no attribute ‘panel’ Occurs

The solution for this AttributeError is that you have to use the older version of the pandas module. The pandas.panel() function is not supported by the pandas module version that is above 0.25. Thus to solve this error you have to install the python version less than 0.25. To do so you have to first uninstall the current version of pandas module and then downgrade it.

Use the below command to uninstall and install the 0.24 pandas module version.

For python 3. xx

pip3 uninstall pandas

pip3 install pandas==0.24

For python 2. xx

pip uninstall pandas
pip install pandas==0.24

After downgrading the module if you run the same code you will not get the module ‘pandas’ has no attribute ‘panel’ error.

The other solution for this error is that you should use the other function according to the current version of the pandas’ module. The same task can be achieved by using the to_xarray() function.


AttributeError is an exception error in python that will mostly occur when the specific function is removed from the module. If you are getting this module ‘pandas’ has no attribute ‘panel’ then you have to install the specific version of the pandas module that support this function. The other solution is to use the alternate function that is in the current version of the module.

I hope the above solution has solved this attributeerror. If you have any suggestions and queries then you can c for more info.


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