Attributeerror: module ‘seaborn’ has no attribute ‘histplot’

Attributeerror_ module 'seaborn' has no attribute 'histplot'

Attributeerror: module ‘seaborn’ has no attribute ‘histplot’ error occurs because of some corruption in Target internal files of installed seaborn. The best way to fix this error is to upgrade seaborn and it will fix the corrupt file. Typically this type of AttributeError occurs mainly when the attribute does not exist in the class of the caller object or somehow we referred to the wrong type object. But this error is a bit different because histplot is always an integral part of seaborn. It is just because of some corruption in files like any target file got deleted or migrated etc.

Anyways we will explore how we can fix module ‘seaborn’ has no attribute ‘histplot’ error with commands. So Let’s start-

Attributeerror: module ‘seaborn’ has no attribute ‘histplot’ ( Solution ) –

The core fix will be to reinstall or upgrade seaborn ( Solution 1)  but sometimes even after this action, The error remains the same. Then what are the steps to fix it? We will discuss this in (Solution 2).

Solution 1: Upgrading seaborn using pip –

Here is the command –

pip install -U seaborn

If you are using conda or easy_install package manager then you should use the respective upgrade statement for this.

Attributeerror module 'seaborn' has no attribute 'histplot'
Attributeerror module ‘seaborn’ has no attribute ‘histplot’

Solution 2: Restarting the IDE ( Jupyter Notebook ) –

Even after the upgrade if the error is still blocking then you should restart the IDE or notebook. The reason is some time interpreter holds the older object or target files. The restart will reload from the freshly installed seaborn library.

Similar Error –

Attributeerror: module ‘seaborn’ has no attribute ‘displot’ ( Solved )

Conclusion –

Although this AttributeError is a bit different from the generic one.  But to have a good grip on generic concepts related to AttributeError, Please read the article-

What is AttributeError in Python ? Complete Overview

To make your understanding more strong on seaborn implementation Here is a must-read article.

Seaborn tsplot : How to implement in Python with example?


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