Importerror: Cannot import name moving_averages – Fix

Importerror Cannot import name moving_averages

Importerror: cannot import name moving_averages error occurs when we do not have TensorFlow-GPU installed. There can be another reason when version TensorFlow-GPU is not compatible. We can fix this error, By installing/reinstalling/upgrading the TensorFlow-GPU module. In this article, we will explore the different ways of achieving it.

Importerror: cannot import name moving_averages  (Solution) –

We have already mentioned the root cause of the error. This error is a little different because the solution is not self-explanatory. Actually, moving_averages is not an absolute package. It’s a part of hence we need to install the TensorFlow module and tensorflow-gpu module.

Method 1: Installation of TensorFlow-GPU –

The best way to fix the error – importerror: cannot import name moving_averages error is a fresh installation of the TensorFlow/TensorFlow-GPU module.

pip3 install tensorflow-gpu

incase of python 2, We can use any of the commands.

pip install tensorflow-gpu

I will advise you to adopt this method. When we do not have TensorFlow installed on the system. If you have existing TensorFlow installed,  Please choose the method 2 ( Refer the below section).


Method 2: upgrading the incompatible version TensorFlow –

In some practical scenarios, we have installed TensorFlow but the version is not compatible with the other libraries. Now we can upgrade the existing module.

pip3 install --upgrade --ignore-installed tensorflow-gpu

this will upgrade the existing version of TensorFlow. It will ignore the previous version of TensorFlow.

Conclusion –

In conclusion, I hope now you may easily fix the issue with the above methods.  This error was a little different than other no module errors as the package name is not directly mentioned in the error statement. We must have little understanding of the Tensorflow and sub-packages. Well, If you have any queries on the same issue, please let us know. You may comment below in the comment box. I will really appreciate you to read the article till the end.


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