importerror: cannot import name simplexmlrpcserver ( Lets fix )

importerror_ cannot import name simplexmlrpcserver Fix

importerror: cannot import name simplexmlrpcserver error comes because of python inbuilt package simplexmlrpcserver  incompatibility. Unlike other modules using “pip install” or “conda install” may not help us a lot. In this article, we will go into the depth of this issue and see how can we fix the same.


importerror: cannot import name simplexmlrpcserver ( Root Cause and Fix )  –

See, SimpleXMLRPCServer module is now merged in  xmlrpc.server standard module of python 3. But if you are using python 2, you would be getting the same error. So the simplest way to fix this error is to change the python version from Python 2 to Python 3.

from xmlrpc.server import SimpleXMLRPCServer

Anyways Python 2 series is almost dead now so there is no point to be sticky with Python 2 .

importerror cannot import name simplexmlrpcserver
importerror cannot import name simplexmlrpcserver

As You can see, I am using Python 3.10.2 and I am able to run from XML-RPC.server import SimpleXMLRPCServer command without any error. Just because of its python version. Hope you know clear about the root cause for this error.


This module provides a server framework to XML-RPC server. We can tweak multiple parameters into its constructor while initiating it. Just like requestHandler,  bind_and_activate, etc. Here is the complete official information about this package.

class xmlrpc.server.SimpleXMLRPCServer(addr, requestHandler=SimpleXMLRPCRequestHandler, logRequests=True, allow_none=False, encoding=None, bind_and_activate=True, use_builtin_types=False



Why pip install simplexmlrpcserver Fails?

Since this simplexmlrpcserver package is not available in PyPI community distribution. That is why pip install simplexmlrpcserver fails. And on the same not “conda install simplexmlrpcserver” command will also fail.

pip install simplexmlrpcserver
pip install simplexmlrpcserver


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The major difference here is avoiding pip installation for this error. Rest we can solve with pip.


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