importerror: cannot import name soft_unicode from markupsafe (Solved)

importerror_ cannot import name soft_unicode from markupsafe (Solved)

importerror: cannot import name soft_unicode from markupsafe error occurs because of incompatibility of markupsafe package. This markupsafe python package helps in creating safe HTML and XML. There is a lot of character injection which some cause makes our HTML vulnerable. Anyways in this article, we will explore multiple ways to fix this issue.


importerror: cannot import name soft_unicode from markupsafe ( Root Cause and Fix ) –

In some of the versions for markupsafe package, we get incompatibility with aws-sam-cli module. The best way to fix this issue is either we adjust markupsafe package’s version with aws-sam-cli module. Alternatively either we adjust aws-sam-cli module by downgrading and upgrading with respect to markupsafe package.

Let’s see how.

Solution 1:  Upgrading markupsafe  module –

The best and easiest way to fix this error is using upgrade the markupsafe package version to the latest. Here is the command for the same.

pip install MarkupSafe
importerror: cannot import name soft_unicode from markupsafe
importerror: cannot import name soft_unicode from markupsafe

Solution 2: Downgrading markupsafe  module to 2.0.1 version –

As in the first solution, we upgrade the markupsafe package. But for your information, we have seen the stable version for this error resolution is 2.0.1. Hence if you are maintaining the same other version but getting this error, you can try to downgrade via the below command.

pip install markupsafe==2.0.1
markupsafe git
markupsafe git

Solution 3:  Upgrading aws-sam-cli module to Latest Version-

Since aws-sam-cli module is a Python module. Hence we can easily upgrade this with python-pip package manager. Here is the command for this same.

pip install --user --upgrade aws-sam-cli

Solution 4: Downgrading aws-sam-cli module to Latest Version-

Actually, in this error scenario, We get this error because of the 1.38.0 version. If you are somehow using this version either upgrade to the latest or downgrade and make it 1.37.0 version. Now see the below command to downgrade aws-sam-cli package.

pip install --user aws-sam-cli ==1.37.0

I hope now we have a good hold on this error solution. Please reach out to us in case of any further queries.

Solution 5: Forcely install the markupsafe

Sometimes you are unable to install the markupsafe module simply. Then in this case forcibly install it using the –force-reinstall option with the pip install command. Use the below command to install the markupsafe of version 2.0 forcibly .

For python 2. xx

pip install markupsafe==2.0.1 --force-reinstall

For python 3. xx

pip3 install markupsafe==2.0.1 --force-reinstall


Frequently Ask Questions-

1. What is python Markupsafe?

Answer – The markupsafe python module escapes characters to avoid multiple attacks ( Injection attacks, Untrusted user input etc)  in HTML and XML.

2. ImportError cannot import name Markup from markupsafe unknown location ( How to fix ) ?

Answer – Actually there is some structure change in code distribution.   jinja2.Markup is deprecated and now available as alternative markupsafe.Markup. Full code insertion would be like this –

from jinja2.utils import markupsafe

3. How to Fix (ImportError: cannot import name ‘Markup’ from ‘jinja2’ ) ?
Answer –  This error is mainly because of Flask and jinja2 incompatibility. Upgrading both modules is the best solution. Or secondary way to stick with the below version.

Jinja >2.10.1  && Flask 2.0.3

or use pip to upgrade both modules.

pip install flask
pip install jinja2

We tried to set up a background related to this error ( markupsafe related importerror). Along with it, It will help you to resolve a similar one as well. Actually, this type of error is very common because of codebase changes. If we understand the base of such errors, We can save a lot of time. Otherwise, It will become too consuming to fix the same.


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