Importerror cannot import name unrewindablebodyerror : Best Tricks to Fix

Importerror cannot import name unrewindablebodyerror Fix

The basic reason behind error ( importerror cannot import name unrewindablebodyerror) is urllib3 package unavailability or incompatibility. So the best way to fix the same error to uninstall the urllib3 package directly and reinstall the same if you already have the same package in the system. Or you may directly install with the latest or required version if the urllib3 package is not available at all.

importerror cannot import name unrewindablebodyerror ( Fix ) –

In this section we will explore those ways of installing urllib3 package.

Method 1 : using pip –

Firstly, Use the below command for installing the urllib3 package.

sudo pip uninstall urllib3
sudo pip install --upgrade urllib3

1. Here sudo prefix in the command is an optional thing. It actually provide the admin privilege’s. in some directory is very much required before running any of the command.

2. The second command is responsible for upgrading the urllib package to latest version. Hence it is also optional for you.

Method 2 : using conda-

Secondly ,Just similar to pip package manager , we have conda package manager. This conda package manager comes default with anaconda distribution. Here is the command for installing urllib3 package using conda package manager. run in command prompt ( Anaconda prompt)

conda install -c conda-forge urllib3
importerror cannot import name unrewindablebodyerror conda
importerror cannot import name unrewindablebodyerror conda

The urllib3 package is useful in calling webapi/ urls etc. We all might use curl command or any API endpoints to fetch json etc. Here we can urllib3 package for automating this process. Request python package internally use the same package to provide these web related functionality.

Hope Now you may easily deal with those errors. Do one thing if u are still stuck , Please let our team know about the same. We will help you in the fixing the bug for you. One way to connect with us is simple comment on the blog. Second one is you may directly reach to us via email.

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