importerror: no module named pathlib ( Solved )

importerror_ no module named pathlib

Importerror: no module named pathlib error occurs especially in the lower version of the python (< 3.4 ) because of incompatibility pathlib module. Later on, Python 3.4 + versions are maintaining this as a standard library. In this article, we will understand how to fix this pathlib-related error. We will also explore why we use the pathlib module. Let’s begin.

importerror: no module named pathlib ( Root Cause ) –

As we said in the beginning we get this error only in Python 2 or a very early version of Python 3. x version.  Since this pathlib module is not available by default in this version. Hence we install the same from the outside. This sometimes creates incompatibility in the packages. That’s the root cause of why we get this error.

importerror no module named pathlib package
importerror no module named pathlib package

Importerror: no module named pathlib (Solution ) –

If we understand the root cause of this  error. The solution is very straightforward here.

1. Upgrading the Python Version to ( 3.4 +)-

This all is because of the Python version. Hence we can upgrade our python version from Python 2 to Python 3. This is the easiest way to fix this error no module name pathlib. Here are the steps.

Suppose you are using conda then –

1. Create a virtual environment with a Python version greater than 3.4 +

conda create --name py_env3 python=3.4

2. The second step is to activate the environment.

activate py_env3 

3. Here is this step, we will install the subpackage.

pip3 install requirements.txt

Please make sure there are some syntaxes that only work for Python 2 and are noncompatible to Python 3.

2. Installing Pathlib2 package externally –

In case you can not upgrade the Python version. This is the only possible way to fix this error. This pathlib2 package, we can install with pip using the below command.

pip install pathlib2

Why do we use Pathlib?

Pathlib module maintains a helping path across platforms and OS. This provides multiple classes and interfaces for various path-related functionalities. It works on pure path and concrete paths. This pure path is only helpful in computational stuff but this concrete path is helpful in I/O services and computational operations too.  Hope we set the context for pathlib. Let us know if you have any other queries on pathlib via comment.


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