Modulenotfounderror: no module named groundingdino (Solved )

Modulenotfounderror_ no module named groundingdino (Solved )

Modulenotfounderror: no module named groundingdino error occurs if the groundingdino module is not properly installed or its path is not properly configured. The best and easiest way to resolve this error is reinstalling groundingdino package. In this article, we will explore different ways of solving this error by exploring multiple installation methods. Actually, groundingdino is an object detection library. There are multiple advantages of using this groundingdino library and the best advantage is we can autodistill-grounding-dino as a subset of the grounding-dino. This autodistill-grounding-dino is a small model for less configuration.

Modulenotfounderror: no module named groundingdino ( Solution ) –

As we know whenever it comes for installation then pip comes first. we will also explore other ways but the first will be pip.

1.Using pip for groundingdino –

Using the below command, pip will install the latest version for groundingdino.

pip install groundingdino

Sometimes we need admin permission to execute any command. In that case, Linux users can add the sudo keyword before the command. For Windows users, they need to launch the prompt in admin mode and then execute the command.

sudo pip install groundingdino

If you require a specific version for groundingdino then use the above command below.

pip install groundingdino==0.1.0

For version information please go through the release documentation.


2.Using conda for groundingdino –

We can also use conda package manager for groundingdino installation. Use this conda prompt command for this.

conda install -c conda-forge groundingdino-py

Mostly developers who are using Anaconda Distribution use conda as a package manager.

Modulenotfounderror no module named groundingdino solution by conda install
Modulenotfounderror no module named groundingdino solution by conda install

3.Using Source for groundingdino –

Please follow the below step for groundingdino installation.

1. Run the command to clone the codebase.

git clone

2. Now change the directory to

cd GroundingDINO/

3. Run the dependencies installer –

pip install -e .

If you want to understand more about the ModuleNotFoundError in complete detail, please read this below article.
ModulenotfoundError Python Exception



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