Modulenotfounderror: no module named skimage (Solved)

Modulenotfounderror_ no module named skimage (Solved)

Modulenotfounderror: no module named skimage error occurs mainly because of the installation issue of scikit-image. Reinstallation of scikit-image module is the best solution for this error. In this article, we will explore multiple easier ways to install skimage. So Let’s start.

Modulenotfounderror: no module named skimage ( Solution )-

There are multiple ways to install skimage. Let’s start with the source code and local build. Then we will explore package manager etc.

Solution 1: Source Code and Local build –

Modulenotfounderror No module named skimage
Modulenotfounderror No module named skimage

In this approach, we need to download the skimage module  source code, and then we need to run the below command Make sure that you want to install the latest version of skimage then we need to install and download the master branch.

python install

Solution 2: Using pip for skimage installation –

Using the below command we can install the latest version for skimage.

pip install skimage

Suppose you want to install any specific version for skimage then we configure the above command like this. Typically this version management is important to avoid any incompatibility constraint.

skimage installation with pip
skimage installation with pip
pip install scikit-image==0.19.2

To provide the admin access for installation we can also add sudo keyword like below.

sudo pip install skimage

Solution 3: Using conda for skimage installation –

Just like the above approach we can simply use one line command to install scikit-image. Lets run the command.

conda install -c anaconda scikit-image

Here anaconda is mirror for installation we can configure alternatively.

This scikit-image is an image processing library. This provides multiple image processing algorithms implementation.  This mostly does all the prerequisites for feature engineering in Computer vision-related module training. These image-processing algorithms are highly optimized. we can directly import our code and implement the application.  It is also compatible with OpenCV library.  I hope all the above approaches will fix up the error for you. In case you are still stuck, please write us back.


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