Nameerror: name ‘spark’ is not defined ( Solved )

Nameerror_ name 'spark' is not defined ( Solved )

Spark is a distributed process system for big data. While coding you may get the Nameerror: name ‘spark’ is not defined error. If you are getting this error then this post is for you. In this tutorial you will know how to solve the Nameerror: name ‘spark’ is not defined error.

What is NameError in Python?

NameError is an error that mostly comes when you are using a variable, function, or module that may not be defined or imported correctly. The Python interpreter is unable to recognize the name you are importing in the code. Your code will not be executed until the NameError is solved.

Pyspark offical website
Pyspark offical website

Why the Nameerror: name ‘spark’ is not defined

Now let us know the some causes for getting the  Nameerror: name ‘spark’ error.

Cause 1: Misspelled Variables or Functions

You may get the NameError when there is a typo error. It means you must be misspelling variables or functions. Let’s understand using an example. Suppose you have named a variable “my_array” in the code. But in case you use the “my_arrays” in the other line of the code then you will get the NameError due to variable not defined.

Cause 2: Typo error in Modules and Libraries.

The other cause is that you must be using the wrong spelling while importing the model. For example, you want to import the maths.random() function but due to some error you import the maths.randmn(). It leads to the NameError: name ‘ranmn’ is defined.

Now you have understood the main cause of the error  You can clearly say the that the error name ‘spark’ is not defined error occurs when you are trying to import the module that pyspark module functions and Python interpreter is not able to recognize it.

The most common reason for getting the error is that you are importing the necessary Spark libraries like SparkSession. It causes the error.

Another reason may be that the Spark module may not be properly installed or configured.

You may get the error when you run the below lines of code.

from pyspark.sql import SparkSession


Nameerror: name 'spark' is not defined

Solve Nameerror: name ‘spark’ is not defined Error

Now let’s solve this spark nameerror. Below are the solutions for it.

Solution 1: Check the import statement

Please check whether you are properly importing the Pyspark module in your code or not. Check whether the module you are importing is misspelled or not.

Solution 2: Check whether Pyspark is installed or not

Another solution for solving the error is you verify whether the Pyspark module is installed or not. If it is installed set the environment variables for it.

Solution 3: Check the environment variables

Make sure that the SPARK_HOME environment variable is set correctly. The path for the variables should be the installed path of the Pyspark module.

Solution 4: Reinstall Spark

If the above solutions does not work and still getting the Nameerror: name ‘spark’ is not defined error then reinstall the spark module. It will resolve the issue.

pip install pyspark


Nameerror: name ‘spark’ is not defined error may be time-consuming if you do not find the solution. The above solutions will solve the error. Always check the import statement, verify the installation of Pyspark, and check the environment variable.

I hope you have liked this tutorial. If you have any queries then you can contact us for more help.

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