Typeerror int object is not callable Error : Tricks to Fix

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We get typeerror int object is not callable error when we call int as a function. There may be so many scenarios where we do not directly call int as a function explicitly but internally it is invoking int as a function. In this article, We will address them one by one.

Typeerror int object is not callable (Scenarios):

In this section, we will see some scenarios with real examples.

Case 1: Using “int” as a variable name:

As we all know while declaring any variable name, We must follow some naming convention. We should not use any python reserve keyword while declaring a variable name. This is also one of the naming convention rules.

Actually declaring any variable with int name is technically possible in python. It will only become an error when we use int () for typecasting any object after using int as a variable name. Actually, It points to variable reference in place of function. The below example will more clarify it.

int =7
output=int(8.1) + 11


We can fix the error by just changing the variable name.

Case 2: Using “sum” as a Variable name-

Quite similar to above. the sum is also a pre-defined function in python. But when we use sum as the variable name and after it when we use sum as a function. Python Interpreter conflicts and catches the reference of variables in the place of sum function (Library Function).

Let’s understand with some examples.




Case 3: Using “round” as a Variable name-

In the same way, round is also a python default function. Hence we should not use round as a variable. Otherwise, the same reference problem occurs.




I hope this article must have solved this issue. If you have any comments on this, please comment in below comment box. Your views are most welcome.


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