Best Python Framework for Web Applications

Best Python Framework for Web Applications

Data Scientist writes most of the machine learning, deep learning, NLP codes in Python. Its because Python has a large number of packages for machine learning and Artifical Intelligence. In fact, they love to code all the things in Python Programming Language. But What about Python for Web  Applications. How to design a web application using Python? Which are the Best Python Framework for Web Applications? This type of questions always comes to mind. In this article, you will know the best Python Framework for Web Applications? Their features that help you to decide the framework.


django framework

It is an open source and free web application frameworks. It’s built on the top level of the Python Languages. It was originally developed for the Content Management System but now used in web applications development. Its main features are the following :

Excellent Documentation

Due to used by a large number of application developers. Its documentation is very easy to implement.

Highly Scalable

Django core codes are written by the experienced programmers. Thus making it highly scalable with less or no errors.

High Security

It offers high security. As it developed from scratch, it removes all the loopholes faced by the backend developers.


It codes are thoroughly tested making it more durable and powerful

These are the Popular Companies that are using Django for their web application. Instagram, Mozilla, The Washington Times, and the Bitbucket.


flask framework

Flask is also free and open source microframework. It is called as microframework as it does not require particular tools and libraries. It has no database abstraction layer, form validation that are common in the other frameworks. But it has various plugins for it if requires any extensions. Some of the features of the flask are the following :

  1. It contains own development server and debugger.
  2. You can easily make restful request dispatching URL.
  3. Support client side sessions (Secure cookies ).

Companies using Flask as their web application are  LinkedIn, Pinterest.


dash python framework

If you want to build a beautiful web analytics apps then Dash from Plotly is the best. It is free and open source framework and built above the level of D3.js, Flask, and React.js. You can visualize anything in just a few lines of code. It can dynamically call the graphs like scatter plot, histograms, and other useful figures for the data visualization. You can make a fully functional analytical app in just 40 lines of code. Look at their gallery, the web application built on the Dash Framework. You will love to see them.

Its major features are the following :

  1. The Fastest way to build an analytical app.
  2. Lightweight as it requires little boilerplate code.
  3. Easily customizable.
  4. Interactive UI control

The above are the Best Python Framework for Web Applications I found. These web applications frameworks are new and very easy to implement. There are also other frameworks that you will like.


Pyramid framework

It is a small, lightweight, open source Python framework. The name itself suggests everything. You start from a small application and grow with it to large application pyramidically. Thus you don’t have to choose the other framework on the basis of your application size. And making its development and deployment fun, more productive and predictable.



It is an open source Python Framework and allows you to write the web development code in the Object-Oriented Way. Thus making it fewer lines of code and faster development. It is more than 10 years old and used by the many popular sites like Netflix, Hulu et.c. The following are the features of it.

  1. Easy to run multiple servers at the same time.
  2. Flexible Plugins system
  3. Built-in tools for caching, sessions, authentication.


Each framework has own unique features. The criteria to select the best python framework depends on your project requirement. But I will recommend you to use Flask and Pyramid for the small applications and Django for the large application. But if you want to make your own analytical dashboard then definitely Dash is good.

I hope you have found your  Best Python Framework for Web Applications. If you want to add and query about other frameworks then please contact or message on the official Data Science Learner Page. We will always ready to help you.


Data Science Learner Team

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