There was an error checking the latest version of pip ( Solved )

There was an error checking the latest version of pip

Most python programmers must have an idea of the pip module. It allows you to install everything that is in the pip repository. Just you have to write the command “pip install module_name ” to install the specific packages. But sometimes you may encounter with an error or warning message like there was an error checking the latest version of pip. In this tutorial, you will know how to solve this error in a simple way.

Why was there an error checking the latest version of pip comes?

Before knowing why this error comes first let us know how the pip command installs the module. The pip command searches the database ( repository ) of all the versions of the latest python modules that should be installed in the system. Therefore when you use the pip command then it will try to update the pip module or itself first before trying to install the specified module. Therefore you get that there was an error checking the latest version of pip error.

For example, if  I have bugs in the pip module then I will encounter the Warning there was an error checking the latest version of pip while installing the numpy module.

pip install numpy 


Warning : There was an error checking the latest version of pip
Index python packages
Index python packages

Other Causes

There can be also other causes that may cause this error. Some of them are below.

Network Connection

Download module from the pip command required internet connection. If there is no internet connection or there is firewall blockage in your system then you will get the pip error.

Using proxy server

Some modules don’t work on the proxy server. So if you are downloading or installing using the pip module then you may get the pip error. Always try to use the original server to avoid it.

Verify the environment variable

There can be also improperly configured environment variables that can cause this error. Thus you should verify it before using the pip command to install any module.

PyPI server

It is a rare cause. But when the server of the PyPI is down then you can encounter this error. Try to install the model after sometime, then you might not get the error.

Solve the Warning: There was an error checking the latest version of pip error

The best way to solve this error is to install or update the pip module to the latest version. Before installing the pip module make sure that all the dependencies for this module should be installed.

Run the below commands to install them.

For python 3. xx

pip3 install –upgrade wheel 
pip3 install –upgrade setuptools

For python 2. xx

pip install –upgrade wheel
pip install –upgrade setuptools

After all the dependencies are installed install the pip module using the below command.

Python 3. xx

python3 -m pip install --upgrade pip

Python 2. xx

python3 -m pip install --upgrade pip


The pip module is a very useful module to install any python modules easily if it is listed in the databases. There are many modules you can find in Python Package Index. Without it, you have to first download the module source code from the GitHub repository e.t.c and install it using the terminal. If you are getting this Warning error then the above solution will work for you.

pip command not found : Lets crack this error !!

I hope you have liked this tutorial if you have any queries then you can contact us for more help.

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