Nested list comprehension python : Easy Tricks for you

Nested list comprehension python

Nested list comprehension python is creating a new list from the nested list. In this article, we will see how to achieve Nested list comprehension python step by step.


Nested list comprehension python (Step By Step)-

Well, Nested list comprehension looks tricky in beginning. But If we do it step by step, this comprehension becomes so easy.

Step 1 :

This is a prerequisite step where we will create a nested list.


This is just a dummy list to understand the tricks. You may choose a different list as per your scenario.

Step 2:

In this step, we will try to flatten the list. In order to achieve this, we have two methods.

Method 1:

This is an inline method for Nested list comprehension. All you need to use the below line to flatten the complete list.

flattened_list = [ ele for inner_list in var_list for ele in inner_list]

Method 2:

Unlike, Above we have scattered the looping in multiline code. This makes code more readable because of its logical reflection. Here is the code sample for this.

flattened_list = [] 
for inner_list in var_list: 
    for ele in inner_list: 

See, Here we have used two-level nesting. But if you have more complex or nested list. You need to adjust the looping accordingly.

Complete Code at a place –

When we integrate step 1 and step 2 together. We get the following output.


Now let’s see when we use Method 2. Here is the output for that.


Conclusion –

Well, Nested List comprehension is really easy when we do it in steps. In the First step, we have initiated a python list with some dummy data. In the second step, we have flattened it and created a new list. These two-steps together become python Nested list comprehension.

I hope you must have found this article useful. But It will be great when you write back to us. You may comment on us in the below comment box.


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