Pdf2docx Python : Complete Implementation Step by Step

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Are you looking for pdf2docx python: Complete Implementation step by step?  If yes then this pdf2docx python tutorial will help you in converting pdf files to doc files very easily. Get ready for hands-on information on this library.

pdf2docx Installation –

Before converting pdf files to doc files you have to first install pdf3docx python package. You can install any python package using the pip command.

Let’s use pip for pdf2docx  installation.

pip install pdf2docx


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Steps for converting PDF file to doc file using pdf2docx python Command Line :

In this section, you will know all the steps to convert a pdf tile to the doc files. Just follow all the steps for complete understanding.

Step 1: Open Terminal or Command prompt to convert pdf to docx using python

Go the folder where is your pdf file available. Open the cmd there and type the command given in step 2.

Step 2:

You need to use the below command for converting pdf file to doc file.

pdf2docx input.pdf output.docx --start=1 --end=2

Here start and end are the page number of the pdf. In the place of start and stop parameter in this library, We can use page sequence one by one.

pdf2docx input.pdf output.docx --pages=1,2

It will convert these specific page numbers to doc files.

Steps for converting PDF to docx using python pdf2docx :

Step 1 :

Import the parse module from pdf2docx.

from pdf2docx import parse

Step 2:

Call the parse()  function with pdf file name, doc path, and start end page number as an argument.

parse(pdf_with_path, docx_with_path, start={page num}, end={page num})

example –

parse(pdf_with_path, docx_with_path, start=1, end=3)

Extracting Tables from PDF file using pdf2docx python:

You can also extract tables from a pdf files using pdf2docx python module. Please follow the below steps.

Step 1:

Import the required package. Use the below python statement.

from pdf2docx import extract_tables

Step 2: Use the extract_tables() function

extrated_tables_list = extract_tables(pdf_with_path, start={int page id}, end={int page id})
for obj in extrated_tables_list :

On each iteration of the extrated_tables_list, It will give you a table. Let me introduce you with a similar tool – Tabula. This Tabula is a utility for Table extraction in PDFs.

Note :

I hope you must find this step by step explanation easy and simple. Well, As you know pdf2docx a new python library. Hence there could be some bugs. If you face any of them, please report them immediately. Let’s make development easy and smooth with pdf2docx. There are so many open-source communities working on these libraries. Once you ask any question there, you will get the solution very soon.


Other Python PDF Libraries :

There are so many Python libraries for PDF processing. Python language is one of the best programming languages for pdf processing. Because there are so many compatible python libraries like pandas, Numpy, tabula makes development so easy and fast. Here is a complete article on the best python pdf libraries. Please go through it.

I hope you must have liked the python code to convert pdf to docx using pdf2docx library. Please share you thoughts via comments. You can also contact us for more help.

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