pip install tda-api | Easiest way to Install with multiple variations

pip install tda-api

pip install tda-api is a command for installing the  tda-api python module. This TDA-API is an unofficial wrapper over AMERITRADE API. It actually provides a great interface and ease for accessing multiple complex endpoints of AMERITRADE in a much simpler way. Well in this article, we will see how to install tda-api in python. So let’s start.


pip install tda-api –

1. Installation –

Actually, pip is the easiest way to install any package manager. Going with source code and then its convergence to wheel/ binaries involves multiple steps. But we can skip all those complex steps and simplifies in one line.

pip install tda-api
tda-api pip
tda-api pip

All we need is to run the above command. It will install the latest version for tda-api. But some time , we need to take care for some extra thing like platform , user rights and version specifications. We will discuss all those in next secions.

2. Platform dependencies and User Rights :

As I mentioned above, In some scenarios because of the user rights, we can not run successfully the above commands. We some how need admin rights to install tda-api. There are different ways in Windows and Linux for this.

Windows : Here you need to open command prompt in Administrative model by running it as administrator. You will get this open by searching cmd and then right click on the same.

Linux Family OS – With linux , you need to add sudo before the same command for admin rights.


3.  Version Management :

As we explained the above command simply install the latest version for tda-api but because of so many reasons we need specific version of any module. Using pip version specification is too easy. We need to run the below command in such a below way.

pip install tda-api==1.5.3
tda version specification
tda version specification

Here it will install the version 1.5.3 but you change at run time as per your requirement.

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