Convert bytes to String in Python : Step By Step Implementation

Python Bytes to String Conversion

We can convert python bytes to string with decode() function. There are so many decoding formats like “utf-8”, “ascii” and “latin-1″ etc. In this article, we will see the bytes to string Conversion and string to byte conversion via encode and bytes() with implementation.


Python bytes to String Conversion ( decoding) –

Step 1:

Let’s take an example of a byte object and convert it into a string.

var_byte= b"This is demo byte"

Step 2 :

Now we will convert this byte object into str type.


Let’s run the complete code together and check out the output.



The optional parameter in bytes to String Conversion-

There may be errors while decoding byte object to str object. There so many ways to handle these errors.

1. strict- It will raise the error immediately if any invalid character in the object.

2. replace – It will replace the invalid character with a default set.

3. backslashreplace – while decoding the byte to the string, It will replace the error with a backslash.

4. ignore – It will simply ignore the error.

Let’s take an example.

 b'\x80sample'.decode("utf-8", errors="ignore")
python bytes to string error handling
bytes to string error handling

We can change the error parameter value from the given option. Like we have used error=”ignore”. It can be any out of the above mentioned.

String to bytes Conversion ( encoding) –

1.encode() function-

It’s a reverse process to decoding. Here we convert the string to a byte object using the encode() function. Directly let’s see the conversion below.

var_byte= "This is demo byte"
print("The type of",var_str,"is",type(var_str))


2. Using bytes() function-

It will work similarly to the encode() function. Let’s see the syntax for this below.

print(bytes("This is sample object in byte",'utf-8'))
python string to bytes using bytes()
python string to bytes using bytes()


Bytes to string and string to bytes is very common. We encounter this in a various tasks like sending data over rest API. I hope this article must clear concepts about this conversion. If you want to discuss more over this Bytes to string topic, Please comment below in the comment box.


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