Python Unexpected Unindent Error : Why is so important ?

Python Unexpected Unindent Error

Are you looking for the solution of Python unexpected unindent error? This is one of the common python exceptions among developers. Let’s understand when it occurs? We will also see its solution in this article.

What is Python unexpected unindent exception?

Most of the python beginners face this problem. There are so many forms of Python unexpected unindent exception/error.  As most of the popular programming languages like Java, C, C + use curly braces to complete the program block. But Python programming language use indentation in the place of braces in program block.

Indentation in Python is nothing but the use of the white space according to the python syntax. If we make any mistake in python indentation, this Python unexpected unindent exception occurs.

Let’s know the cases of it.

Case 1: Improper use of white space


Here is the example of this indentation exception.

def fun_correct_Identation(): 
    print("I m learning Identation Exception") 
    print("correct Indentation ") 


The above code sample demonstrates the correct use of Indentation in python.

correct Identation python
correct Identation python


Now we will know how the improper white space can generate IndentationError: unexpected indent. Let’s see the below example-

def fun_incorrect_Identation(): 
    print("I m learning Identation Exception") 
     print("incorrect Identation ")  


Here is the error Exception for the above code.


Here we have used one extra white space.  For instance, This generates the above exception in the example.

unexpected indent python
unexpected indent python


Case 2: White space and Tab using Alternatively

White space and Tab have the almost same effect in plain text. But there is a huge difference in Python programming language.

Note –

  1. A conditional expression like if in python starts after a white space. If we do not provide proper spacing in that expression. This will again raise the Indentation Exception.
  2. Loop and so many codes blocks in python need proper spacing.

How to fix indentation error in python?

Most importantly, Using any IDE or python supportive text editor is really helpful in fixing indentation error in python. This IDE helps in clearly seeing the improper white space or incomplete code blocks. 



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