Top 5 Websites for Python Learning : For You (Data Science Learner)


Well, you already know! How important is a python in data science? Even I am a data scientist with a python background. In fact, I also provide learning and tutorials type content in our very own Data Science Learner. Still, if you need some awesome websites for learning python, You are in the correct zone. This article will help you in finding – Top 5 websites for Python learning: For You (Data Science Learner).

Top 5 websites for Python learning- –

As you all know, It is an official website for python. How others can be better than it. Hence it is on the top as per my point of view. Well, there can be some situations where you need more explanation. Obviously you may refer others. Rather than speaking more about it, I will suggest you have a look at

website for Python learning
website for Python learning

This site contains the most updated content about the python. Please bookmark for your future. Now let’s go on another website.

2. TeamBeamers

This is also a wonderful website for learning python. The best part is the information flow with a complete road map. In the left and right, most corner contains the details of python topics. Usually, when I reach this website on google search, I read something, and then I internally start exploring other available articles. I found it really informative.


3. Google’s Python Class-

Obviously, Google is a master in developing e-learning modules.  As you know there are very less corners where google is not leading technology provider same happens with the python as well.

Google’s python class gives interactive content. Please go through it.



4. Think Python –

An online copy of the book name Thinks Python. You will get multiple books name related to word think. You may easily get the pdf version free here for the book think python. Well, content quality and delivery make reading enjoyable.

5.Data Science Learner?

See! My intent is not to claim a data science learner as the best website for python. Still, data science learner base language for data science is python. Hence you will numerous articles on the python programming language. We provide a range of tutorials on python. For example, we provide tutorials, best practices, and learning road map/strategy.



6. Google’s Python Class eBook

Quite concise and informative. But found it complete

Conclusion –

Well! I hope you must get the best python website here. See, I recommend to cover the complete python core form a single website. Obviously you may refer others on some topic where you need some more clarification and better understanding. One of the most important concerns for sticking from a website is,’It will also provide a road map index “. Otherwise, if you search the website article wise, It will be really impossible for you to understand your current status at any point in time. On the opposite side, If you traverse a single website you always know where you are and what is remaining to read.

Anyways If you want to add some good name in Top 5 websites for Python learning: For You (Data Science Learner), your suggestion is always most welcome.


Data Science Learner Team

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