5 Ways to Make Data Structure Stronger in Python

Ways to Make Data Structure Stronger in Python

Data Structure is some thing which is base of any programming field whether it is Data Science , General Algorithm design or game development etc .So we can not ignore data structures in any language  . Inorder to understand 5 ways to make Data Structure Stronger in Python . We need to start from an interesting overview . So Lets take very high level overview of Data Structure in python

1.General Data Structure-

These data structures and quite generic and core concepts remain unchanged across all programming language . For example – LinkList , Tree , Array etc . The implementation will be different and completely syntax oriented across all the language .

2.Python Specific Data Structure-

There are some data structure which are specifically design for Python programming . Like – Dictionary , Sets , List ,tuple etc . You need to have strong hands on these . Because most of the time we use these data structures over the general data structures . These are optimized and quite faster .

Tips for making Data Structure Stronger in Python –

Today we will discuss the strategies for improving yours understandings in Data Structures with Python –

  1. First take an overview of Python specific data structures . See all possible associated functions  like insertion, deletion , iterations etc .  Do not ignore their documentation because in so many cases we start writing custom code using loop and conditional statements . but there may be some implicit function which may  help us and save tons of time .
  2. Know about the complexity of all implicit action perform by the functions . For example sorting , In Python use use sort() which performs the complete sorting over the list in n(logn) worst case complexity . This will help you to choose the best data structure as per your requirement scenario . Never apply the any data structure and operation associated with it blindly .
  3. Once you done with Python specific data structure and start moving towards the general data structure , You should choose linear data structure (Array , LinkList , queues ,stack etc )first .  They are quite easier to understand and implement with respect to  Non Linear Data Structures ( Trees , Heaps Graph etc )
  4. Start hands on coding on General data structure . In this step learn – creation , insertion , traversal , removal in all the data structure .
  5. Practice the questions on competitive programming platform like Hackerank etc .

General Data Structure Vs Python Specific Data Structure-

Before starting this section , I have to ask you some thing that ,”Do you really think every language has its own data structure ?” . This question is pretty straight but I found so many people are still confuse . Do you know why ? See the reason is – they think that most of the data structure like trees , link list which we read in academics are C and C++ specific . Because in the Industries ( Majority ) developer use hash map , linked hash map in java ,  In python programming   dictionary , list etc are mainly preferable  . By the way these data structure like trees , LinkList  are quite generic , we mostly use their advance and specific form like List in python etc .Because  Python data structures are highly optimized and need very less time to implement . Hence they get the priority from custom data structures .

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