How to Install Scipy : pip, anaconda, Jupyter,PyCharm

How to Install Scipy in pip, anaconda, Jupyter,PyCharm

SciPy is a python package that is open source and built on the top of the NumPy package. It allows you to do numerical or mathematical calculations easily. It provides a wide range of scientific and technical computational tools. To use it you have to install it on your system. In this tutorial you will learn how to install SciPy on various platforms like pip, anaconda, Jupyter or PyCharm.

Install SciPy in various Platforms

Let’s know how to install SciPy in various platforms.

Install Scipy using pip

You can install SciPy using pip command. In this case you will the pip with the install command. But before using it you have to also check the version of python.

For python 3.xx

pip3 install scipy

For python 2.xx

pip install scipy
installing scipy using the pip command
installing scipy using the pip command

Install Scipy using Anaconda

Anaconda is a distribution of python packages that many libraries. If you are using the anaconda then you have to use the conda command to install the scipy on your system.

Use the below command to install the scipy using the conda command.

conda install scipy

Installing scipy on Jupyter Notebook

Installing scipy on jupyter Notebook is same as the pip command. Here you have to use the !pip command to install any python package. Use the !pip install scipy command to install the scipy package on Jupyter Notebook.

!pip install scipy

You can also use the magic command % to install any package in Jupyter Notebook.

%pip install scipy

Install scipy on Pycharm

PyCharm is an integrated development environment also known as IDE for Python. You can use the built-in terminal for installing the scipy package.

Open you terminal in pycharm and run the below command.

pip install scipy

It will succefully install the scipy module on your system.


Mostly SciPy module allows you to perform statistical operations. If you want to install it then the above methods allow you to install scipy on various platforms. You can use your own platform to install it.

I hope you have like this tutorial. If you have any query then you can contact us for more help.

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