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Top 3 Free Cloud GPU Server : Must Read

Are you looking for a free Cloud GPU Server  ? Your search will end here. Today I will assist you on the free Cloud GPU Server. Well usually for general programming i5 and i7 are more than enough . But in Data Science your small code may take unexpected time to run . See ! Data Science and AI stuffs are on those framework which are parallel in processing nature . They actually require more machine cycles to finish the process. Especially in Deep Learning, you need GPUs. GPU stands for the Graphical Processing Unit. Earlier We use GPU for high-resolution graphics rendering like gaming etc. You will see most of the gaming laptops having a high-end GPU. Although Google has announced the TPUs device for Deep Learning Framework.

Free Cloud GPU Server –

  1. Colab- 

    Free Cloud GPU Server - Colaboratory
    Free Cloud GPU Server – Colab

    This is a online Jupyter for Machine Learning and Deep Learning stuffs . Its a Google initiative . Its a Google Initiative for learning and sharing . You may use google drive to store your codebase. Apart from it you may share it with your friends , developers etc . It is basically for research purposes . I think you should give it a try . You may usually install other external API . FYI most of the machine learning API are pre-configure in this Colab. You will also get the utility to use TPU and GPU in this as well .

    2. Kaggle Kernels –

    Until and unless you have a big requirement for data. You may use Kaggle kernel. This will provide you 2 core GPU with 16 GB ram for training etc .  Apart from it , You will also get basic level computation power CPU as well . in the same way for general processing , you will get 4 core and around 16 GB RAM. This configuration is enough for basic level computation . In a similar fashion like Colab notebook it also many pre-configured machine learning APIs.

Free Cloud GPU Server - kaggle kernal.
Free Cloud GPU Server – Kaggle kernel.

. Others free Cloud GPU Server –

As always it is not suitable to put a single name here . Hence I am creating a bucket of these possible names here. Basically they provide limited usages free sort of stuffs . Still, it is useful for you in the condition if you want to explore them first before you pay.  The idea is we will at least introduce them . You may explore them if you  want . Well lets go through them .

3.1 – Amazon SageMaker

GPU Server - Amazon Sage Maker
GPU Server – Amazon Sage Maker

3.2 -Jupyter Notebook on GCP

GPU Server - Jupyter Notebook on GCP
GPU Server – Jupyter Notebook on GCP


3.3 Gradient –

This is although paid. But one of its T0 edition is not chargeable. This is completely free. Especially It is most suitable for a very small team or beginners in learning.


Conclusion –

Well ! Its time for our reader’s feedback . Please tell us , how did you find this article – Top 3 free Cloud GPU Server : Must Read . I have decided to document my finding when I was searching for a free GPU for my personnel usages. Sometimes it happens you have a laptop with good working conditions but it is not capable of Machine Learning training. I think if you are on the same side , This article is going to help you a lot . In fact It could be a great money saver for you .


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