TOP Data Visualization Tools for every Data Scientist

Top 10 Data Visualization Tools for every Data Scientist : 2020

Are you Interested in Data Visualization ?  I think you are searching for Best Data Visualization Tools Right ! If I directly tell you this in one line , This will be unfair . The Reason is nothing is best , There are some pros and cons in every tool . So I will explore top 5 data visualization tools which are popular among all data scientist .I will involve you in decision making to choose best out of all for you . Anyways , Before we go  for data visualization tools I will ask a question to you –

Why is Data Visualization important ?

No direct answer for you . I will make it more interesting with an example . At least  , If you are reading this article I can assume you must be an Internet user  Right ?.If you use Internet Data , You must check your data usages like available data , consumed data and so on . When you go for such kind of data analysis , If you will find so many long lines text in the place of graphs and numbers , How you will feel then?

See , To understand figures and remember them is easier than text  Right? You can not take a better decision  you if you do not understand the complete data . I think till now we have understood why data visualization is important .

Lets explore what are the best data visualization tools available in the market .

Top 10 Data Visualization Tools-

Data visualization tool not only help to draw simple chart using your data ,but they help to draw Interactive charts . By saying Charts interactive chart , I mean extra functionality in charts for example  drill down which can make you chart dynamic and more informative .


One of the major tool in this category . Tableau  is famous for his drag and drop features in user Interface . This data visualization tool is free for some basic versions .It also support multi format data like xls,csv, xml , data base connections etc . For more information on Tableau , You can reach out at Tableau official  website .


    2. Qlik View

Qlik view is again a powerful BI tool for decision making . It is easily configurable  and Deploy able . It is scalable with few constrains of RAM . The most loving features of Qlik view is visual drill down. In case you want to read more about Qlik View , You can reach out  Qlik View official website. Here you can find all installation guide with other details.


     3. Qlik Sense

Another powerful tool from Qlik family . Its popularity is because of its user friendly features like drag and drop .It is designed in such a manner that even a business user can use it .Its cloud based infrastructure make it strong among other data visualizations tool . You can download free desktop version of Qlik Sense and use it .


      4. SAS Visual Analytics

SAS VA is not only a data visualization tool but it is capable of  predictive modeling and forecasting . It is easy to operate with drag and drop features . There is awesome community support for SAS visual Analytics . You can directly reach SAS Visual Analytics from here.


SAS Visual Analytics
SAS Visual Analytics

        5. D3.js

D3 is java script library . It is an open source library . You can use to bind arbitrary data with Document object Model . As it is an open source library so you can find rich tutorial on D3.js . Here is the link for home page of D3.js .

d3 js
d3 js

        6. Datawrapper

Let me tell you the best thing about Datawrapper Data Visualization tool . Here you do not need any coding skills . It is just a few click game . Hence the It is one the best option for beginner in data science visualization tool .


7. Plotly

When it comes to data visualization tool . No one can forget the name of Plotly . It is built on the top of d3.js . Although we have already included the name of d3.js in the list . It provides better interface in Python , R and Matlab Language .


8. E Charts

E charts is one the most browser compatible java script framework for data visualization . Specially when the application is designed for multi browser and multi size devices , This is unconditionally at the top position .

E charts
E charts

9. Some more  Java Script Libraries for Data Visualization –

Apart from above mentioned tool there are some java script libraries which also quite helpful in data visualization . I will directly mention theirs name with their link , Just check them out-





5. Timeline js

10 . Other Data Visualization Tools-

Along with the above written data visualization and BI tools , There are also some more popular data visualization tools . I am listing down . You can reach them here-


2.Microsoft Excel

3.Google Chart

How to Choose Best Data Visualization Tool –

I never claim any product best because every product has some advantages and disadvantages . We need to just figure out which set of features are required to solve our problem . I am going to list some required question which you should answer before choosing any data visualization tool or Software-

  1. What type of  business problem , You are going to answer with data ?
  2. How is you technical skill ? ( For Example-DO you know SQL ?)
  3. which type of data you have ? (Structured /Unstructured)

In other word, If you can answer these question with reference of your  selected tool , That data visualization tool is going to be best for you .

Congratulation, we have done with overview on data visualization  tools .In case , You want to read more about other required skill for a data scientist you can refer the article complete skill set required for  a data scientist.

Machine Learning with Data Visualization –

Hey , One of my favorite topic Machine Learning . How can We ignore to relate it with data visualization  but before discussion If you want to take an overview  Machine Learning , You can refer our article What is Machine Learning ?

So lets Come to the point , When you a write a machine learning code you need a visual display for some component like  your accuracy , precision ,recall ,clusters or regression line etc. In this situation , It is not mandatory to use any data visualization tool specifically  . There must be some basic libraries to plot basic level graphs.  if you check out any of the best machine learning languages For example lets take Python , There is a separate library Matplotlib for all such tasks . It has so many inbuilt function for basic level graph draw .

A better visualization leads to more satisfaction while exploring the hidden facts in the data . If you need to uncover the hidden information out of data , These tools are enough capable .

If you have any doubt so far , Please ask and comment below . Do not forget to subscribe our newsletter for latest updates on Data Science .  We love to write for you .Give your feed back  to improve our article quality .

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