Top 5 Shows for Data Scientist , AI based Entertainment

Top 5 Shows for Data Scientist ,Love to watch : AI Based Entertainment

Apart from our work ! we all love to watch television shows and movies . I usually love to watch Science fictions . Specially If you are data scientist like me , I think you may like shows which cover the thing of our day to day life . Actually when something touches our life ,It seems alive to us. Suddenly a thought came to my mind . I decided to spend some time on the Tv shows which are AI based . I mean which is related to Data science and ML or AI . The best part is I really found a big list of them . Once I got that I decided to share that with you guys . So this article contains the information about Top 5 shows for Data Scientist which they love to watch : AI based Entertainment.

Top 5 shows for Data Scientist-

I really excited to talk about Top 5 shows for Data Scientist. But before that I would like to inform you guys that this is completely based on my research and survey  .Specially ! Please do not go to their ranking order .You may like any  show most  which comes at 5th no in my list . Thats why please ignore the order .

1.Black Mirror-

 Top 5 shows for Data Scientist black mirror tv shows

Started from 2011 . Leading TV show ! Really amazing experience to watch it . Actually this show is on the impact of technology on human beings . Specially I found an amazing vision of IoT inside this series . Just think about the imagination of before 7-8 years are  going true. This is the significance how fast we are growing now . I think you should see at least few episode of it . I really recommend to  watch this .

2. Person of Interest-

person of interest

I basically ranked it in my top list of Top 5 shows for Data Scientist because it has awesome concept behind it . I have not seen so many episode of it . But what I got in the beginning was beyond compare. I saw a scientist discovered an AI which can consume surveillance video footage and classify into terror activity and non terror activity . So using this AI you can control over terror activity before it happens .  I think its an motivation for us . Because we are capable of developing of these socio beneficial applications . I guess you may start loving to watch it like me .

3. NUMB3RS –


As Data Science is on the top of mathematics , same is with this tv series  . You know the concept behind this series is application of mathematics . Really I have never seen such a nice tv series . I think if you have really interested over mathematics , You must watch this show .



This Tv series is a good example for how AI is effecting our lives . In this Tv Series you will see how Robot rises can effect humanity . Basically this series gives a sight to us for upcoming collapse between machine and humans . Some time watching such series gives us an idea for restructuring . This tv series for much loving between the people who love AI .

Almost Human-



It will directly jump into 2048 . Where you can see different world .Quite similar concept but completely different presented .The story is revolving around human and robot collapse  . The concept is to show the time where technology reach a point where Robots and AI is equally developed as humans. Both have different decision making process on conflicts . I think , this tv series puts a amazing psychology on Technology before us .

Conclusion –

So friends ! its our first article on such topic (Top 5 shows for Data Scientist) . How did you find it . See ! our vision is to build Data Science Learner a community where we discuss everything about data science . Obviously we have done the tutorials so far.  But in future you may be getting some article on different topics related to data science .As I told you its a initiative to do something different . Please write your comment on this . If you think that we can provide something related to Data Science  which you need apart from tutorials , Please do not hesitate  .

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