4 Best Udemy Courses for Learning Natural Language Processing

4 Best Udemy Courses for Learning Natural Language Processing

Do you want to develop intelligent Application like Apple Siri or Google Virtual Assistant . Yes  Its  possible !

Udemy is providing a large collection NLP courses which covers basic background and hands on coding example.

Here is the list of best NLP udemy courses –

1.Spark and Python for Big Data with PySpark

You will Learn

  1. Write your own spam detection code in Python.
  2. Write your own sentiment analysis code in Python.
  3. Perform latent semantic analysis or latent semantic indexing in Python
  4. Have an idea of how to write your own article spinner in Python

Spark and Python for Big Data with PySpark Udemy.png

Instructure : – Lazy Programmer Inc.

Best Seller Proof: – 4.5 Star,2195 ratings ,12434 students enrolled.

User Review :-   “Highly relevant course with NLP getting more popular with applications like Siri and the like.

All the code is on Github and can be even viewed for free. Great and generous of the instructor to provide this resource.

Appendix contains useful lectures like how to install Python libraries, what order to learn machine learning topics, and how to approach machine learning coding.

Great resources overall and can’t wait to learn more courses from this instructor.”

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2. Natural Language Processing (NLP) using Python

You will Learn

  1. Understand the various concepts of natural language processing along with their implementation.
  2. Build natural language processing based applications.
  3. Learn about the different modules available in Python for NLP.
  4. Create personal spam filter or sentiment predictor.
  5. Create personal text summarizer

Data Science Natural Language Processing NLP in Python Udemy.png

Instructure : – Bijoyan Das

Best Seller Proof: – 5 Star,62 ratings ,661 students enrolled.

User Review :-   “This course is really great. It covers almost everything related to NLP and is far richer compared to any other NLP course here on Udemy. I will recommend this course to everyone willing to learn NLP from scratch by building models and understanding the concepts underneath. The instructor does a tremendous job of explaining each topic.

Don’t have a doubt, take this course”

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3.Natural Language Processing (NLP) with Python NLTK

You will Learn

  1. NLTK Main Functions: Concordance, Similar, Lexical Dispersion Plot.
  2. Text Tokenization.
  3. Text Normalization: Stemming & Lemmatization.
  4. Text Classification.
  5. Text Tagging: Unigram, N-Gram, Regex.
  6. Information Extraction from Text: Chunking, Chinking, Name Entity Recognition
  7. Project 1: Gender Prediction Application
  8. Project 2: Document Classification Application

Natural Language Processing NLP with Python NLTK Udemy.png

Instructure : – GoTrained Academy

Best Seller Proof: – 4.5 Star,90 ratings ,465 students enrolled.

User Review :-   “The course is very useful so far. Nicely communicated

One small criticism, but it is not significant, is that the course notes dont always correspond with the videos. But its not important.”

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4.From 0 to 1: Machine Learning, NLP & Python-Cut to the Chase

You will Learn

  1. Identify situations that call for the use of Machine Learning.
  2. Understand which type of Machine learning problem you are solving and choose the appropriate solution.
  3. Use Machine Learning and Natural Language processing to solve problems like text classification, text summarization in Python.

From 0 to 1 Machine Learning NLP Python Cut to the Chase Udemy.png

Instructure : – Loony Corn

Best Seller Proof: – 4.1 Star,712 ratings ,7533students enrolled.

User Review :-   “Watching just the first 3 lectures made me realize how thirsty I was for this topic. I am delighted with the decision to include the math (for me, mandatory), though for a beginning course was unexpected. But this course, topics so far, delivery, terminology, EVERYTHING… a home run!

Thank You”

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