Best Free Online Courses in Data Science

Best Free Online Courses in Data Science

Who doesn’t want to learn data science? And if it’s for free then you will definitely want. Therefore I myself as a Data Science Learner present you with the best free online courses in Data Science. These courses are high quality created that you will learn data science fundamentals in an easy way. And its must for you before learning NLP, machine learning and artificial intelligence in advanced.

First I have listed out all free youtube courses and then all the data science courses that are available for free on Udemy.

Youtube Courses

1. Data Science Full Course by Simplilearn

This course is for data science beginners and covers entire basics in one video. Video is of length 10 hours. You will learn the following things.

  1. What is Data Science
  2. Need for Data Science
  3. Business intelligence vs Data Science
  4. Prerequisites for Data Science
  5. Demand for Data Scientist
  6. Linear regression, Decision trees, Logistic regression in R
  7. What is clustering?, Divisive clustering, Support vector machine, K-means clustering, Time series analysis
  8. Job roles in Data Science, Data Science interview questions and answers

This is great if you want to learn all the above topics in one video.

2. Statistics for Data Science Course

Data Science is all about statistics. This course covers all the stats concepts in an easy way. You will learn all the concepts like Standard Deviation, normal distribution, with real-life practical examples. This playlist has more than 50+ video courses making it good.

3. Data Science Training by  Intellipaat

This course is brought to you by Intellipaat and it is of 11+ hours. You will learn all the basics concepts like what is data science with projects done on the Jupyter Notebook. You will know what are the types of questions are mainly asked in the interviews or when you lookup for the Job.

Now its turn for the Udemy Courses.

Udemy is one of the best websites that have millions of online Video Courses that you can buy at a cheap price. These are the free courses I have found that you will definitely want to take.

1. Machine Intelligence Masterclass – an Algorithmic Overview

Here you will learn on algorithms in the field of Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence. This course is of a total of 40 minutes but grasps the basics concepts in Data Science. First, learn it then move to other courses.

2. Python For Data Science

It’s great to learn Python for Data Science. Without knowing it you are not able to learn Data Science. You will learn all the Python basics that are required while doing Machine Learning, Deep Learning projects. The time of completion of this course is 4 hours and has 29 lectures.

These are the courses that I found, myself took it. I will keep adding more courses as I will explore. Till now learn from this. If you want other courses then you can buy from udemy as paid courses that are provided with support from Lecturers.  Keep Visiting our site to get updates on it. You can also suggest any other courses on free Online courses in Data Science by contacting us.

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