Top 5 Data Science Entrepreneurship Courses

Data Science Entrepreneurship Courses

Data Science is cool . People from different back grounds in engineering are migrating towards data science .But there is a big question about entrepreneurship in Data Science . Yes ! off-course  a Data Scientist can be an entrepreneur . But this is also true that entrepreneur’s skills set are completely different from Data Scientist skills set . Hence In order to be an Entrepreneur , Every Data Scientist needs some education of Business execution and management .This article will help you on selecting Top 5 Data Science Entrepreneurship courses  for you .

Data Science Entrepreneurship courses-

1. Machine Learning Entrepreneurship – Applied Data Science –

An awesome course for data science entrepreneurs . The best part of this data science entrepreneur course is the sample projects . Author beautifully explains the basics and jumped into hot industry project . This gives an overall approach for entrepreneurship in data science .

data science entrepreneurship udemy course -1
data science entrepreneurship udemy course -1


2. Data Science for Business: Complete Guide-

Like the above one this course has also  impressed so many entrepreneurs . The beauty is again here is its practicality . See whether it is data science or entrepreneurship or their combination , You can not understand them theoretically . This course will definitely help you in building solid back ground in data science entrepreneurship .

data science entrepreneur skillshare course
data science entrepreneur skillshare course

3. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning 101 – No Coding- 

If some body is strong in entrepreneurship but having less coding skills . This course is completely for him . See in todays time , Data Science team is more problem oriented . Usually data scientist reports directly to the top management person in an organization like CEO , CTO etc .

data science entrepreneur udemy course 2
data science entrepreneur udemy course 2


4. Intro to Entrepreneurship: Get started as an Entrepreneur-

There is nothing to do with data science in this course . The main reason is to add this course in the list is to educate the audience for different aspect of business . From idea to business model and business model to funded venture . Here you will get complete journey experience .

Intro to Entrepreneurship Get started as an Entrepreneur
Intro to Entrepreneurship : Get started as an Entrepreneur

5. Others –

Actually , I never rank any learning content . See may be my learning pace and understanding level will be different from yours . Hence in this bucket , I will give you the complete list –

Business Model Evaluation

How To Write A Business Plan & A Winning Business Strategy!

Learn Making money like an entrepreneur –

This is very obvious question which comes into data scientist when they come into the market . In order to help them . We at Data Science Learner already created an dedicated article – Top 5 Ways to Earn Money from Data Science as an Entrepreneur  . This will help you in starting earning with your data science skills at your own .

Conclusion –

So I hope you must have like this article –Top 5 Data Science Entrepreneurship courses . This article came into picture when one of my friend who was a data scientist in some MNC and suddenly left his job to continue his passion for Entrepreneurship . I helped him with this courses . On the same day I realized that If these are good for him , I should share with you guys as well .

If you think , I should also add some other courses in this list . Please write back on Data Science Entrepreneurship courses . We will definitely address you on this .


Data Science Learner Team

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