10 Ways AI in Marketing Will Change the Marketing Methods

ai in marketing

Artificial Intelligence is a topic that comes in everyone mind. Of course, you can say, it is the future where most of the things will be based on AI. There are many projects that are building on AI and some of the projects you may also know. Google Self driving cars, speaking mobile phones (SIRI ), automatic appointments e.t.c. is some examples of AI. But as digital marketing is growing, AI in marketing is also increasing at a faster rate.

If you search online about AI  in marketing, you can get various tools or platforms that promise to deliver the best results. But can you confirm it without knowing the advantages and limitations of using the AI in marketing in industries? You can’t.  In this article, I explained how artificial intelligence in marketing will be beneficial for the enterprises.

1.Finding the Relevant Visitor and Customers for Products

Well, you have a decent product, but you are unable to find the right customers. Manually it can take a large time to find the engaging customer. But if you are using AI in marketing then you can easily find the customer that has a buyer persona. In the same way, AI powered marketers are useful in producing content that will act as a marketing funnel to buy the product.

Basically AI powered marketers will understand the customer and give products recommendation according to their interest and past interactions. For example, Amazon does the same thing. They provide the recommendation of products on the basis of user interest and searches.

marketing funnel infographic
Marketing Funnel Infographic

2. Re-Acquiring the lost users through AI in Marketing

There are many apps available in the market. Suppose you have developed an app. Your first problem must be to find ways to promote the app. Even if you are able to get the new user. The main problem will be to reacquiring the past user. It means how you will retain the users to your app. Using artificial intelligence in marketing app increase customer values with each contextual conversation (chatbot). Thus AI empowered app will give recommendations and assistance like a human to the users. Therefore it will enhance the user to use the app.

3. Increasing the conversions with the Dynamic Ads

Recent surveys show that online buying users are increasing. Thus taking your business online will be more beneficial than offline. Therefore you should be prepared with plans and methods to show to the users. It helps in boosting the conversion. For example, Facebook Dynamic Ads choose dynamic ad placements for their user.  It increases the rate of buying the product with the targeted audience.  In the same way, Google dynamic ads perform the same thing.

facebook dynamic ads
Facebook Dynamic Ads Example

4. Improving the User Experience

AI in marketing enhances the experience of the user. It converts the mind of the user to buy the product. You must be thinking How AI will achieve this? Right. Let’s understand it with an example. There are many user touch points on the shopping page a user navigate. Artificial intelligence will learn the existing touch points on the user basis and will give the recommendations to the marketers for improving the User Experience. Today’s many online shopping sites like Amazon, Netflix uses that.  They use AI to build personalized and engaging experience to the user.

5. Personalizing the Email Marketing

Every business has a list of user emails know as subscribers. But marketers don’t clearly know what improvements can be done to turning the clients into customers. For example when to send email, what subject, the title of the email should be? How many time (frequency of) emails should be sent to them? Artificial intelligence in email marketing can improve email marketing. Machine learning model formed by analyzing the millions of email data will determine the best time and days of the week to send the email to each subscribed user. It increases the rate of reading the email, thus turning the user to the customer.

6. Using of Artificial Intelligence in Searches

You already know google searches have become smarter. Do you know why?  Due to use of Artifical Intelligence. Audiences are also becoming smarter with the searches. They want quick results from the queries they made. Machine learning analyses each user search patterns. It helps the marketers to identify the key areas they should focus their efforts.

7. Engaging Content Creation

Content is like a boon for marketers. More engaging content means more interesting content for the user. Machine Learning analyzes the body of text from millions of data and will create the content for the marketers. Content created through AI will be more engaging and the probability of it for becoming viral on the social networks will be more. For example, WordAI is using artificial intelligence for creating unique content.

8. Artificial Intelligence Chatbot

A chatbot is a conversational bot. Most of the chatbot is built on AI. Marketers can use it boost sales.  You let the potential buyers ask questions on any product, the bot will answers the question automatically.  Today most of the FAQ is build on machine learning. Without directly asking the customer support, these chatbot helps the users first.

9. Changing of Price through AI (Dynamic Pricing)

Just like AI can create content. It can also change the price of a product dynamically. Now many e-commerce is using AI to provide discounts to the buyers. Discounts are provided to some customers only not for all. These changes in price decided on demand and profile of the customers. Now you might be thinking how it can be possible? AI will design in such a way that it can learn the activities of the buyer through cookies and personal profile and discounts will be given to particular users.

10. Performing Data Analysis

Those who analyze the data are known as a data scientist. Now, Artifical Intelligence can analyze the data and with more accuracy and efficiency. For example, in a business, there is a larger number of transactions happen daily. These transactions act as data points.  AI will use the data points to analyze and predict the market fluctuations. Thus helpful in increasing the turnover and profit percentage of the business.


Artificial Intelligence is the future. You will see AI in every field whether it is healthcare, social, hotel management e.t.c. But I think AI in marketing will play an important factor in all these fields. You can think it as replacement of AI marketing bots with the human marketers. Content creation, marketing recommendation all will be done through artificial intelligence.

I hope that this article helps you clear any queries on use of AI in marketing. Feel free to ask any question, We will definitely help you. You can also contact us or subscribe us.

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