What is Chatbot _ _ An Artificial Intelligence Insight

What is Chatbot ? : An Artificial Intelligence Insight

From Retail and Hospitality to Banking and Finance , Chatbot is cutting edge Technology . It is a market attraction for most of the Industry. Chatbots do not only reduce the serving time but It make the user experience great . This is an AI era and chatbot is next generation to Service Industry . When I go for AI conferences and interact with people on NLP and Machine Learning , People usually discuss about chatbots .Most often we start telling them the advance aspect and underline Technologies  inside a chatbot . What we miss there is chatbot basics . So this blog is for them who really want to understand ”What is chatbot ?” and its capabilities . To understand this article , Any expertise is not required but I promise You will be an expert in chatbot basics after reading this article . This will hardly take your four to five minutes .To make the chatbot learning more Interesting lets see the Google Trend of Chatbot in last one year .

What is chatbot Google Trend
What is chatbot Google Trend

What is chatbot : An AI specialize Approach –

Chatbot is a computer Program which simulate the human conversation .You can ask  questions to chatbot . Chatbot can answer them with its own Intelligence . It may also  take actions based upon your queries . Suppose you need to know the traffic condition around your area . Usually You have seen so many web portal for this purposes . These Portals have user friendly Interface . In these Portal ,  You have to provide all input in Structured Format .  Which usually gives us the feeling that we are dealing a machine .

In the opposite side , When we talk to any human , You

can  freely  ask like –

1.Tell me about the traffic around my Home  .

2. How is traffic near by {Location} .

These to looks different but has same Intents . You will always get the response because of  Human Intelligence . A human can map two or more  different sentence  which has same sense or Intents . Now if you get such response from computers and machines .You will feel that You are talking to a human .  Hey feeling surprised ! obviously you can get . Thanks to the Artificial Intelligence community and Its Scientist . They contribute and Provide us NLP enable Chatbot . These can act like a human . To make your understanding clear about what is chatbot ? I will Introduce You with few real time chatbot.

Top Real Time Chatbot –

Please Interact with your  virtual friends(chatbots)  and feel the power of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence . I promise , You will start loving them –


This is a award winning real time chatbot . You can enjoy  chatting with it . The Deep Learning Technology inside it make it more intelligent when you chat more with it . So many International Organizations have awarded this chatbot .

mitsuku chatbot

2.Rose –

This is also a human like chatbot . I personally find it very engaging . A very simple user interface with most sophisticated NLP back end . Have a look at its user Interface –

What is chatbot Rose
What is chatbot – Rose

So I think , You must have understood what is chatbot and How it works . Lets See How it is changing the Service Industry very fast –

Why Chatbot is a Market Disruptive Technology-

As I have mentioned in the Top of the article , chatbot is a market disruptive technology for Service Industry . It has a great influence in almost every sector . I have some clear numbers for Finance and banking Industry . So lets explore it –

What is chatbot ( A Market Distruptive Technology )
What is chatbot ( A Market Distruptive Technology )

Image Credit : The Financial Brand 

Now you can easily predict the chatbot market for next coming five years . Almost all IT giants have already created their NLP based chatbot framework with Cloud Integration . You need not Write too much code to build a chatbot. There  are also some open source framework where you can customize the code like RASA.AI .

Chatbot is not a magic , Its AI –

Yes ! Its not a magic .I agree, it looks like magic . When computer start understanding English , It is obvious to say magic . You know its all about NLP {Natural Language Processing} . If you do not use NLP in chatbot , It will not be able to recognize the intent . Lets understand it with an example –

Suppose You Train your machine with a question –

Question- What is chatbot ?

Answer – Its AI based human conversation simulation .

Now If you ask “Tell me about chatbot  “ , It will not recognize it with the same question earlier asked . Now think How many type of similar question you need to train your Machine to achieve a single Intent . There could be thousands variation of a single intent .

How to build a chatbot –

You can not only build chatbot but deploy and Integrate with Facebook in just 3-4 hours . Yes it is possible . Only you need to understand the basics of Artificial Intelligence chat bot Architecture  . This is four step process –

  1. Choose the best NLU for your chatbot . There are so many options are available like Dialogflow , RASA , Wit and Amazon Lex . You have to choose best for you .
  2. Train your chatbot with any of the framework .
  3. Setup your Web-hook and deploy it . It is only needed only when you want your chatbot take some action like calling external API or perform some logical task rather than simply answering predefined information .
  4. Integrate your chatbot with some chatting platform like Skype , Facebook messenger etc.

Learning Resources for chatbot development

I will suggest to take some video resources for chatbot development . Specially , I recommend video where you need to do so much configuration. This save a lot of time . Udemy is always a best place to learn any skills . I will suggest you to have a look on best artificial intelligence chat bot development video series on udemy .

End Notes –

So Friends , I hope must have found this article helpful for basic knowledge on chatbot . Please subscribe our Newsletter for any Update related to Machine Learning and  Artificial Intelligence . The Team at Data Science Learner will keep writing for you on chatbot . You can also write back to us .

Thank You for Reading !

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