Best Artificial Intelligence Chat Bot Development Video Resources

Top Artificial Intelligence Chat Bot Development Video Resources

Want to make your own chatbot in one day ? Are you looking for best resources to learn chatbot development ? You are at the Right  place . This article contains all the information about Artificial Intelligence chat bot development Video Resources .I love learning from videos . It save time and give more clarification . Specially When we learn technological subjects . Books are also good but when you have plenty of time  .  I have explored so many video resources for learning chat bot development . Few of them were awesome , Here is the complete list of them .

If you are beginner in chatbot development , Read this short article “Know the Underline Technology behind Artificial Intelligence Chat Bot” . This will give you a warm start . Reading a basic article is always helpful to map our knowledge with the content .I mean If you start learning directly , You may miss few domain related keyword . While If you take any basic article it brush up your understanding towards the subject .

Artificial Intelligence chat bot development Video Resources:

Quality of any learning resources depends on audience type . A very deep level video content  is not really good for beginner . In the opposite side , If learner know the basic and video content has more weight age on basics , It is going to be a time weight . So I consider this factor and I have collected the video list for every type of the user . I love Udemy because we get most valuable learning content in very less price .Some Time people ask me why should I prefer Udemy while so much free content on Youtube . I usually say them In Youtube You usually get partial solution of every thing . Here In very less money You get end to end solutions  . This saves your time .So really worthful to take these courses .Even I transformed my career into Data science with such videos .

Thanks Udemy !

Best Chatbot Tutorial For you –

  1. ChatBots: Messenger ChatBot with API.AI and Node.JS

This is a wonderful video resource for learning chat bot development .It has two part . First is basic and designed for those who do not want to code . I mean first part will teach you How to develop your own chatbot without coding .Yes ! It is possible . You only need to be good in configuration .The first part is  also a foundation for beginner .Not only this here You will also learn to integrate Messenger with API.AI .   If you need to deploy your Chatbot in very short span then  Go for this course . Second part covers complete back end design tutorial for chatbot  from A-Z .The Technology is Node.Js for Back end development  and Heroku for deployment.It is really very systematic .

What is Unique-

  1. It covers all type of user from Beginner to advance . Beginner should start from Part 1 and rest can start from Part 2 .
  2. API.AI witch is now popular with the name Dialogflow is well explain here . From simple level configuration to Integration with  Messenger every steps are in detail .
  3. You can ask your Doubt . Author also contribute all updates related to chatbot learning contents time by time .
ChatBots Messenger ChatBot with API.AI and Node.JS Udemy post image
ChatBots Messenger ChatBot with API.AI and Node.JS Udemy Course

Total Lectures are 89 which cover 6.5 hours . This covers all required information to ready your artificial talking friend I mean Chatbot .

Juan Andrés Cárdenas Diaz Says,

The content of the course is awesome! The teacher has a very good methodology to explain and share with us her knowledge about Bots, NodeJS and many tools very useful to develop incredible chatBots.

Jana, Congratulations for this great course and thanks for all… I will be pending of the course updates 🙂

2.Building ChatBots with Amazon Lex

There are so many NLU / Chatbot API comes to the market . Dialogflow , Amazon Lex and so many others . This chatbot video tutorial will make you expert with Amazon Lex . Amazon Lex make your life easy with so many in built entities .The video content is well oriented to teach to end to end chatbot designing .It has 5 section . Please refer the below image for content orientations-

Building ChatBots with Amazon Lex Udemy post image
Building ChatBots with Amazon Lex Udemy Course

What is Unique-

1.Key tips for you is Deployment with Amazon Lambda . Amazon Lambda is server less computing and auto scaling feature. You need not to care about server . Just you need to deploy your code with dependencies . With chatbot you can not say that load on server will be uniform . In this situation Lambda is best option .

2. Detail Tutorial on Integration with Slack APP .

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3.Create Chatbots using Dialogflow(API.AI) & deploy on GCloud

Again an awesome Tutorial . Truly speaking , It is similer as the First Tutorial ChatBots: Messenger ChatBot with API.AI and Node.JS) Only difference is here Deployment platform  . If you love Google Cloud , This Video is completely for you . You can learn chatbot development in just three hours . Friends Trust me , I always suggest the best for you .It is one of them .

Create Chatbots using Dialogflow API.AI deploy on GCloud Udemy Course
Create Chatbots using Dialogflow API.AI deploy on GCloud Udemy Course

What is Unique-

  1. Learn Deployment with GCloud .
  2. Web hook development is one of the challenging task apart from deployment .So good news for you  , Learn Web Hook development in multiple Programming language in this course ( Python , PHP ,Node.Js) .
  3. Learn Client side creation with Android .

Saurabh Pant Says,

This is direct straight to the point course. Liked the information provided. Subtitles would be nice for people not familiar with the accent – I had no problems. Good luck!!

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4. Build Incredible Chatbots

If you want to use Wit.AI for chatbot development . Go for this course. You will learn the deployment of your web hook in Heroku . For the chat Platform integration Skype is here . This course not only cover Wit.AI but it will also teach you chatbot developmet with  Dailogflow and ChatFuel  .

What is Unique-

Frankly Speaking , I will not write any thing at this section . In that place , I have some thing to sow you . Please refer the below image and find the best about this udemy tutorial –

Artificial Intelligence chat bot development Video Resources 5
Artificial Intelligence chat bot development Video Resources 5

As You Know Images speaks more than than words .

Monika Hermanto Says,

Great comprehensive course on building chatbot. Useful for beginner in chatbot, but definitely require some experience on NodeJS and ES6 as it’s quite programming heavy. I am quite new on both, takes quite an effort to understand the code but the instructor explains it well, so far managed to follow through.


All tutorials are one the best in market for chatbot development learning . I have tried to share  all my finding with you guys .Choosing best for you is now on you hand .  So friends , How Did you find this article ? Please write back us on [email protected] . In fact , If you think that there should be improvement or You have any feed back . Please reach us .

Finally  its time to say bye . We love to write for you . Please subscribe us for latest update in data science .Lets Meet with some new articles soon .


Data Science Learner Team.

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