Know the Underline Technology behind Artificial Intelligence Chat Bot

Architecture of Artificial Intelligence Chat bot

Making your own chat bot is not really that tough as we think . I am not joking its true .Talking robot is very common these days . Apple Siri , Google Assistant is one of the lead product in the Market  . Chat bots give an awesome experience to user . Most of us really love them and say its seems like  any magic . Have You any time thought about secret behind it ?  I mean do you really want to understand the underline Technology behind Artificial Intelligence chat bot . In this blog I will explain how to train your own Chat bot . Feeling excited Right ? I will also explain How  your chat bot works with  top chatting platform like  Slack and Facebook  .

Architecture of Artificial Intelligence Chat bot –

If I start explaining end to end , Usually the chat starts from chatting platform as input request and end at chat platform with an auto response . In between the message  passes into so many  stages  . Before I explain ahead I request you to refer the below diagram for better understanding of Artificial Intelligence chat bot Architecture.

chat bot api
Architecture of Artificial Intelligence Chat bot

Here NLU models are chat bot APIs which extract the information from user request . The Web-hook back end is simple web application which provides the restful API . NLU model extract the information in the form of entity which works as parameter in these restful APIs .It produces some response that you get as robot response . The only magic comes with the Natural Language Processing ( NLP ) applies in these NLUs . Lets understand it with an example byte – ” Order 3 roses for me on coming Monday ” . Here NLU should extract three information –

  1. Product -Rose
  2. User – Current Login
  3. Product Quantity -3
  4. Time – Date corresponding to Monday

If your system is intelligent enough to extract these parameter , You can easily develop the back end for it . Chat bot can save so much time for consumer to understand the product user interface . These NLU API also provide voice interface to user . Once you speak any thing to bot  , It first convert speech to text . Once it gets the text , NLP comes  into picture .

Top  Natural Language Processing chat bot Model /API-

There are so many API in the market for Chatbots development . Here is a complete list for them –

  1. Dialogflow 
  2. Amazon Lex 
  4. IBM Watson
  5. Microsoft LUIS 

Every Chat bot API has it strength and weakness . So it totally domain dependent and requirement based to choose best chat bot NLP API for you . I have explored Dialogflow and Amazon Lex in detail . So I will share few of my findings in both of them – Here is the comparison . Anyways before we proceed to read it  I will say if do not understand the term like context , Intents in the comparison , Do not worry You will understand automatically when you read the our next coming blog in this chat bot series .Till then just take the overview –

Difference Between Dialogflow & Amazon Lex –

Dialogflow is completely free to use where Amazon Lex is paid . Both of them support some predefined entities like name of countries , Days etc. Lets take an example to understand entities here . Suppose you want to make an weather app for telling you temperature based on location . Now you need to train your NLU model to extract location on different user response like –

  1. Tell me the temperature in New York
  2. How much temperature in London .

Here Location is an entity . When you parse any sentence it should be intelligent enough to catch these . Now lets go back into the comparison Amazon Lex has more pre defined entities  than Dialogflow . You can also define your own custom entities .

Artificial Intelligence chat bot 3
Artificial Intelligence chat bot 3

Context switching and its understanding is more  powerful in Dialogflow than Amazon Lex.  If we talk access management control into the consideration, Amazon Lex provide it but it is absent in Dialogflow . Amazon Lex also support versioning but Dialogflow do not support this feature . Actually this version feature is something which helps you to manage continuous development while live Chatbot .

Artificial Intelligence Chat bot Integration with Chat Platform –

These API also provide the chat platform integration . Generally These API provide integration with Facebook page , Skype and Slack . The best part is here that You do not need to write explicit code for this integration . Just you have to deal with minor level configuration . For example please check out the below image . It is the Dialogflow chat bot API integration corner .

Artificial Intelligence chat bot dialogflow
Artificial Intelligence chat bot 2

If you are AI lover , I can understand your excitement level . Apart from it you can also integrate your own Chatting app with it .In that case coding is essential .Integration  configuration is quite easy just some credential exchange on server . All pre-defined integration are  highly secure with advance cryptography techniques . It also reduce to handle synchronization problem in message exchange . This synchronization is usually creates issue while designing the chat app . So get rid of it with pre defined integration slot .

End Notes –

In this article is completely  designed to give you an overview of Artificial Intelligence chat bot . We have not cover to Our next two upcoming blog will help you to make your own chat bot –

  1. Learn How to make Chatbot with Dialogflow
  2. Build your own Chatbot with Amazon Lex .

Most of people think that any chat bot can only answer the question . Its not completely true .  You can take work from your chat bot like you can say to login into particular application with certain parameter like credential . Its simply replacement for UI screen  . User become free to work with unstructured data.Chat bot become better with more intents and training . As it is an machine learning algorithm . So as more as data available better will be the response .

I hope you must have enjoyed reading the article Know the Underline Technology behind Artificial Intelligence chat bot . Do not forget to write your comment and views on this article . Your suggestion is best source to improve our article . Please subscribe our news letter to be updated with all data science latest news  .

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